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Questions I didn’t get to during today’s IU chat. Interested in your take on both, too.

Q: Since you’re dishing out your favs, what’s your blog roll & who are your fav Twitter feeds?

I’ve really enjoyed the way Twitter serves as a portal for sports news & blogs- great for people like me who can be too lazy to set & visit favorites tabs.

ChronicHoosier, B-Town!

A: My regular reads each morning include the IU sites first: Inside the Hall, Peegs, Hoosier Nation, Indy Star, the Fort Wayne Papers, etc. Then I jump to national college basketball stuff from ESPN, Fox, CBS and SI. I regularly check Deadspin and The Big Lead. I love Joe Posnanski’s blog and think Jeff Pearlman is pretty good on his, too.

Through that progression of blogs and message boards, I’ve usually seen any breaking news or interesting stories from around the country. It used to be that I’d read a handful of newspaper Web sites each morning, but that becomes redundant. If any paper, from The New York Times to the New Albany Tribune, writes something interesting it will get linked for me somewhere.

You’re right about Twitter, too: I find that it directs me to the news I need. I follow a lot of the people I listed above who Tweet (Inside the Hall, ESPN writers, Peegs) but also find it useful to follow more obscure people like Dan Tudor, who coaches coaches on recruiting. Honestly I’m still exploring how best to use Twitter, as I’m experimenting with groups and other ways to arrange Tweets.

Q: As you talked about yesterday in the Scoop, the IU/Lull-vul/UK is heating up.  As these 3 successful coaches vie for the best local talent, each has differing needs & styles of players in mind.  Crean seems to be the least likely to fill his roster with 1/2-& dones.  Between the turnstile-type rosters and those churning out 4/5-yr guys, which type of program do you think has the best shot of hoisting a banner first?

ChronicHoosier, B-Town!

A: Good question. Obviously you always look at the most recent champion whenever you speak of championships, so the North Carolina model springs to the forefront. The Tar Heels were led by upperclassmen and were able to weather some difficult points in the season after entering the year with the highest of expectations.

I think you’re right that Crean is most likely to put together a team of players that sticks together. But it’s going to be rare that four players as talented as Ellington, Green, Lawson and Hansbrough end up staying together. What seems more likely is that Crean will try to build a solid foundation around players who will stay while adding the occassional one- or two-and-done players. He’s said that the key for a one-and-done is that the player arrives on campus; he can’t be simply using college as the stop-over necessitated by a silly rule. He has to mean it. To me, that’s a difficult thing to decipher. As someone who covered Eric Gordon’s one strange year in an Indiana uniform, I thought he was pretty dedicated to the Hoosiers. But many, many fans seem to disagree. Gordon’s a pretty humble kid and I think he bought in to the program; but when you’re a few months away from making a lot of money and playing pro basketball — from literally  having your dream come true — that weighs on your mind.

We’ll cover the ways Crean goes after and, once he lands one, handles players who have legitimate chances to jump to the league early. Obviously he uses his affiliation with Dwyane Wade as a key part of his recruiting pitch, so he’s not shying away from telling kids he can get them ready for the next level. But convincing those kids that buying into a system and a role can be the right path will be the tough part, I’d guess.

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