An administrative matter of possible interest

Chris Korman has been named sports editor of The Herald-Times, editor Bob Zaltsberg announced Monday.

Korman, a sports reporter and columnist at the H-T for nearly three years, will replace Doug Wilson, who resigned last month to take a job with the South Central Community Action Program.

“Chris has a combination of superb writing skill, strong reporting ability and unlimited management and leadership potential,” Zaltsberg said. “He also has a strong vision for where sports journalism needs to go in this volatile time of emerging new technologies that must be used to meet fan interests and expectations.”

Korman, 27, graduated from Penn State University in 2004. He went to work as a sports writer for the Harrisburg (Pa.) Patriot-News when he graduated, but left a little more than a year later to return to school. He earned a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in 2006. He also worked as an intern for Sports Illustrated before being hired by the H-T.

As sports editor, Korman will lead a staff of eight journalists in covering sports for The Herald-Times and

Besides overseeing daily sports sections in the H-T, the sports department is responsible for the Hoosier Scoop blog on HoosiersHQ, our page devoted to IU sports on HTO; and our prep sports page and its Quick Hits blog, devoted to coverage of high school sports.


  1. Congrats CK. We’re anxious to see where you take HT sports coverage from here on out.

  2. Congrats Korman. I have not paid enough attention to your background. Penn St football is my second favorite team…since high school anyway. I played high school ball with a QB named Wally Richardson that started 2 years after Collins graduated. For whatever reason I started watching and fell in love with the team. I would love to go to a game one day. The reason Rich gave for going to Penn St over ND and others was the ice cream on campus. Must be good! Great guy, class act just like you. Again, congrats and I am happy for you!

  3. Korman Named Sports Editor

    Dateline: Bloomington, In
    June 30, 2009

    The Herald Times announced today that long time sports reporter and internet blogger Chris Korman has been named Sports Editor. He is replacing Doug Wilson. Reactions to the announcement were quick and predictable:

    –ChronicHoosier: Who knew the H-T was such a stud magnet?
    –J Pat: In all my years of following all sports all the time I’ve never read anybody as good as Korman.
    –HuskyTom: Until they fire Korman, the H-T will always be losers.
    –KevinK: Go IU!
    –Taco John: This is a clear violation of NCAA Rules!
    –Bettor: Its obvious that the H-T was just looking for minor league talent that wanted to play in a higher league.
    –Mike P.: Wow. Just Wow.
    –GFDave: Congrats to Korman.

  4. GFDave,

    I would like to think I give better responses to most things than that.

    Plus, I’m not surprised at all that Korman became the sports editor.

    Congratulations Chris, keep up the good work.

  5. GFDave, I had to laugh, but I have a few people above Korman in sports. I do think he is the best at the blog I have seen and blows Hutch out of the water!!! You forgot my 3 !!! I take from the last 2 responses from you that I have come off like I am the “know it all” of all sports and I am not at all. I use that to get my point across too much I am sure but that is just me, what can I say! I am a true sports junkie, for IU!!!

  6. GFDave would respond:

    I guess we can find a way to get this Korman award thing back to “fire Lynch”.

    sorry, had to do it!!!

  7. no problem, in good fun. The guys you mention above, we should all meet at Nick’s for a beer sometime down the road! It would be interesting at best!

  8. This is no surprise to me as I know Chris will do an outstanding job in this position. Congratulations Chris and keep up the great work.

  9. A hearty congratulations, Mr. Korman! The sports desk is in great hands following Mr. Wilson’s superb stewardship. For all the significant & positive changes made during Doug’s tenure, what’s in store for sports desk in the future?

    As an aside, I couldn’t help but think of your specific desk, and what direction it has taken as of late, when reading the following series from one of my most respected writers, Dan Froomkin:

    As you’ve seemed to actively engage many of the challenges and recommendations presented in his essay, I’m anxious to see how sports page(s) continues to grow and adapt in this most perilous of times for print journalism. By providing solid content, interesting insights, and interactive engagement opportunities for your readers, you’ll continue to be this reader’s 1st and last stop on the web every day.

    Congratulations, again, for a job well earned.

  10. Korman – congrats. Now when you complain about the food spread for the media, people will no longer be able to ignore you.

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