Arnett high in MLB mock draft

Indiana junior Eric Arnett should feel pretty confident in his chances to go somewhere in the MLB Draft’s first two rounds next week.
But one mock drafter, who happens to work for the house organ, has Arnett pegged as the No. 15 selection, to the Cleveland Indians.

“Without one of the better high school arms making it down here, it’s looking like the college-pitcher angle will play well here. The Indians were at Arnett’s regional start en force and they liked how the big right-hander competed. He’s a good athlete with great makeup who will sign quickly, something that works in his favor.”

Arnett finished 12-2 with a 2.50 ERA for the Hoosiers in 2009. He was the Big Ten co-pitcher of the year, a finalist for the College Baseball Foundation’s National Pitcher of the Year Award and a semifinalist for USA Baseball’s Golden Spikes Award.


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  2. Well…it would be good to see Arnett come back for his senior year and lead IU to Omaha, but I wish him the best of luck in the ’09 MLB draft.

  3. He should not come back to IU bc Coach Smith will probably throw him 150 pitches a start and kill his arm!

  4. Arnett came to indiana as an undrafted high school player who was NOT recruited to play at ohio state, in his back yard! He has pitched better each year and particularly this one when he drew scouts attention and raised his draft stock each week as he showed the guts and fierce determination to try to win for his team. The results speak for themselves. Take your pitch count crap back to the non-competitive, excuse making pitchers who need it to explain away a lack of success. Do not use it in the same sentence as the words Eric Arnett.

  5. He was recruited mostly to play football! Arnett is great and I have nothing but good things to say about him. I just think if Arnett was to come back, Coach Smith would pitch him way too much and kill his arm. So, make the big bucks now and no reason to come back! We know Coach Smith doesn’t care about pitch counts just like you…hum…wonder if you guys live in the same house? But, just saying that I’ve talked to too many people that don’t like the way Smith handles his pitchers…including many of his pitchers!

  6. V, you obviously do not know Coach Smith’s background. He is a former pitching coach, so do say he does not care about pitch count, and ruining a pro career, is absurd. EA’s longest outing ws his 10 inning performace against Illinois. He threw around 120 pitches and was still hitting 95mph on the gun (his 118 pitch to be exact). You apparently do NOT know much abuot college baseball, or you would not have made a stupid, dumb, idiotic comment like that…i want to know how you can bash a coach that is in the midst of turning a B10 cellar dweller into a B10 power?

  7. i care a ton about pitching arms! a ton. i expect the pitchers in my family to be careful about arm care and soreness and innings pitched, etc. even temperature can make a difference. but i will never sit and count pitches or allow my sons to do so. that’s obsessive compulsive in my book and gets them too far away from being a competitor. for the record, coach smith is the pitching coach at iu right now. he also pitched in the minors. he knows how to care for arms and mentalities. “V”, your most recent post suddenly seems to imply that you simply want eric to sign now…well DUH?! he’ll be a millionnaire tomorrow!! Go baby go!!

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