Hoosiers land Jibreel Black

[4:20 p.m. UPDATE]

Jibreel Black is honest, confident and ready to win.

“(Indiana) is the perfect opportunity for me to make a difference,” Black said during a phone conversation. “For me to be a groundbreaker at Indiana University.”

Black will likely play defensive end for the Hoosiers, and, with the loss of Jammie Kirlew and Greg Middleton after next season, expects to see playing time early.

But Black (6-foot-2.5, 265 pounds) seems to also see himself as the player who can move mountains — like making Indiana football a winner.

“I am ready to come in, have a winning attitude and win some games,” Black said. “I don’t care about the history of the school. It’s about now. … And hopefully, we’re going to win some championships.

“Hopefully, I can be the one that sets it where other recruits aren’t going to be ashamed to come here. I can be that spark.”

Indiana assistant coach Mike Yeager, Black’s lead recruiter, told Black earlier Monday that he will make a difference at Indiana.

“I can be the Michael Vick of Indiana University,” Black said.

Black was also considering Cincinnati, Michigan, Michigan State and Kentucky.


Jibreel Black, considered by Scout.com the 16th best defensive tackle in the 2010 class, committed to Indiana today. Rivals.com ranks him the No. 23 strongside defensive end in the class.

Black is the younger brother of current Hoosier Larry Black.

More on this story in a bit.


  1. Thanks Jibreel, that is a huge act of charity to come and play for the Hoosiers, especially with Michigan in your pursuit.

    I wish football were more like basketball, where one 4-star recruit makes a significant impact. I’ll take it, though. Like he said, himself, “Hopefully, I can be the one that sets it where other recruits aren’t going to be ashamed to come here. I can be that spark.”

    We need to get out of the shame category.

  2. 4 stars, great!! Hopefully this recruit will draw more 4 star guys IU’s way.

  3. The Michael Vick of Indiana University?

    Stay the hell away from my dogs, man.

  4. Get him out of here. We DON’T want him in this town. Besides, I bet he will be a bust anyway.

  5. He meant that he can change the Football atmosphere here. Virginia tech was not well known for football until vick changed all that…idiots… cant get past the negative media.

  6. So how come none of you manned up and took +450?

    The REAL recruitment of this kid begins today.

  7. I have a sincere question to Chris, fellow posters, et al.

    Approximately how many 4-stars has IU landed since such designations existed? If I had to guess, I’d say less than 10 for sure, but I really don’t know.

    Sadly, anytime we’re in the discussion with a recruit Michigan or the like is after, that’s something; and when we get such a person, seems like a big deal to me. Of course, I’d love to see the day when it is normal, but it hasn’t been.

    Husky is right in that it takes a lot more than one guy, but one is better than none. Raising the overall talent of the entire team is the key.

    While I’m still not sure about Lynch either way, it’s hard to deny that significant progress has been made in the last couple of years in recruiting and facilities. I’d like to see 5-7 wins this year so this staff can continue the progress. Unfortunately, I think any less than that and he’ll be run out of town. That may be the best thing to do, I don’t know, but I’m going to root for Lynch and the Hoosiers to succeed and then address the issue if they don’t. I’m not going to hope they lose every game so Lynch can be fired ASAP.

  8. The only ones I can remember in the past few years are Black, Duwyce Wilson, Darius Willis (for a little while on Scout, but dropped to a 3-star for no apparent reason), Finch, and a JUCO LB recruited by Hep who never played here. I don’t know what ARE, Levron, etc were ranked.

  9. Or any 5-stars? I was told once AT was the only 5 star we’ve ever had, but don’t know if that’s true or if he was or if those classifications even existed then.

  10. When AT,Dave Schnell & Ernie Jones were playing for IU I don’t believe there were anything like star services. Obviously, there wasn’t an internet. I do recall that when Mallory landed Schnell, AT and Jones it was a really big deal!! Before the internet how did fans hear about recruits? You heard it from a friend, and he heard it from someone associated with the team… But I’ve always said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, meaning what IU staff thinks a guy can do and what somebody else thinks are two different things. I know Bill Mallory was VERY good at getting linemen and developing them into something great. While I like to look into these recruiting websites as much as the next guy I sometimes think they hurt the process. Also, I hate all the negative stuff it seems to bring out of fans.

  11. He sounds fun to watch. Now can we see some film on him??? Glad to have him coming to IU. Great pickup!

  12. this is a big get. brother larry being at iu probably had a great deal to do with it.

    check out sam webb’s lengthy column about jibreel black in the detroit news, under sports and um (michigan).

    um and msu really wanted this guy and he was very highly rated by the national rating folks. iu doesn’t get many four star guys so when they do, it must mean things are looking up for the hoosiers. hope bill lynch knows what to do with him when he gets him.

    i’m with wisco on how to think about coach lynch and the upcoming season.

  13. This is an awesome pick up! With the early commitment of Mr. Black, look for several other top players to follow suit and for IU to have an incredible ’10 recruiting class!!

  14. not the brightest with the Vick comment. man what in the world was he thinking

  15. According to Hugh’s story that will be in the paper, it was the IU assistant who told Black that Black could be the Michael Vick of IU. Whatever that means.

  16. One word: verbal. It’s a verbal guys!
    It’s a little strong to use the word “land” before he even starts two-a-days his senior year in high school.

    Remember the excitement around Jeremy Gainer last year. Finch the year before that…though he came back around.

    Every bit of me wants to join in on the glee club here, but we know those other 18 offers he currently has aren’t going away…

  17. IU was responsible for making Virginia Tech a winning program with the bizarre end of the first half of the Weed Eater Bowl. The Hokies’ program took off after that.

  18. Who knew Lynch was such a stud magnet?! Good stuff.

    We’ll need to stop up the middle in order to allow the ends to be effective, however. (see: our amazing ends last, Freeney & Mathis in Indy, etc…).

    A couple more kids like this & Lynch may have all the insurance he needs to survive whatever hell this season might bring.

  19. Welcome to IU. Keep you head on straight and enjoy this new and exciting time in your life. Lighten up guys….he is young and excited to make a difference. A little positive please. These are young adults why is it so easy to want to squash some enthusiasm?

  20. Just got an OL commit. He turned down offers from Louisville and Purdue today and committed to IU.

  21. Bettor won’t be happy about our new OL verbal. Neither of the ranking services have him ranked. 😛

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