Hulls’ All-Star weekend

Indiana Boys Allstars

Jordan Hulls is embraced by Indiana All-Stars coach David Wood as Hulls leaves the game Sunday. Monty Howell | Herald-Times

I suppose, if you want, you could say that Jordan Hulls performance this weekend (6 points on 1-of-16 shooting) indicates just how much he is going to struggle on the next level.

But do take note that he did have 11 assists in two games. And that he was not the only All-Star to shoot poorly — everyone not named Colt Ryan struggled from the outside.

And this was not exactly elite competition. Bloomington South guard Dee Davis would have started for the Kentucky All-Stars, as would probably 10-20 guards in the state of Indiana.

The weekend probably had more to do with eight straight days of intense competition. The All-Stars played four games and practiced at least eight times. They went from Indianapolis to Benton Central to Indianapolis to New Albany to Indianapolis to Louisville. That’s a recipe for tired legs, and tired legs usually leads to poor shooting nights.

Here’s a photo gallery from tonight’s game. I have a Q&A with Derek Elston that I’ll post tomorrow.


  1. I think Hulls will see limited action this year since there is an overload of guys at the 1 and 2 spots. But I believe he’ll develop into a solid Wojo type of guy, who brings alot of energy and can shoot and dish the ball.

  2. Also, did any of you guys get a chance to see David Williams in action at the camp in Bloomington this weekend??

  3. Steve O,

    We were barred from attending the camp. I’m trying to get a reliable scouting report from somebody and will post it when I do.

  4. Is there just no news from the football team, or did you guys just stop covering the sport?

  5. Juan,

    There’s not much news. I do have a post planned about football, but we’ve had a lot going on here the last few days. I’ll get it posted at some point soon.

  6. Juan,

    The last week, and this week is when IU does their camps, they have had a 7 on 7 camp, two team camp sessions, an individual skills camp that ends today for high school aged kids. Tomorrow and Wednesday they are having the youth camp.

    There might have been some 2010 prospects on campus and possibly an offer or two went out during the camps this last week, other than that I doubt there is much more that is going on other than weight training and off season workouts.

  7. Thanks Chris and Mike! I appreciate it.. I’m stuck in the desert training our troops and rely on the Scoop for Hoosier news. Its been all round ball 🙂

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