Irving says IU at the top of his list

It’s been a while since we could link to Zagsblog, but today Adam Zagoria reports that New Jersey guard Kyrie Irving, the No. 4 point guard in the class of 2010 according to Rivals, has Indiana at the top of his list of potential schools.

“They’re at the top of my list for now,” Irving said in a phone interview. “It’s them and Notre Dame and Duke and Virginia. They’re at the top of my list right now.”


  1. I join with Steve O in unabashed begging. Please, please, please come to IU!!!!!

  2. Great kid…and unlike Rose, he can legitimately pass his SAT test. Come to IU Kyrie, and lead the Crean & Crimson to the Final Four!

  3. Mr. Irving, if you’re reading these messages, I hope you realize how badly the IU fans want to see players like you in the IU uniform. You won’t find a place where the team gets better support and enjoys greater adulation from fans of all sorts than Indiana. If you come to Indiana and do your best on and off the court, you’ll be permanently-admired by the fan base. And you’re right, the J-school is terrific.

  4. In addition to being a wicked player (so very very wicked)… he is a great person. In the age of one and dones, its nice to see a player who won’t screw a program over.

    Please come to IU.

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