Jared Jeffries gives back to Bloomington

Jared Jeffries announced from Bloomington’s SportsPlex on Tuesday he would be forming the Jared Jeffries Foundation.

The foundation’s aim is to improve Jeffries’ ability to give back to his hometown. Though, he hasn’t needed much help to this point.

Now seven years into his NBA career, Jeffries has given out more than $52,000 through 24 college scholarships to Bloomington high school students.

Jeffries added the foundation would help him focus away from the little things and more on the events he holds.

“I think a lot of time people overlook how important Bloomington is and how much it really gives to everybody,” he said. “I have traveled all over the world, been to a lot of different cities and I haven’t found any place as special as this city is.”


  1. It’s nice to see him support his roots. Not one of the best however, not even top 10 at IU.
    Cutter: what are you giving? time? effort? money? anything besides snide remarks?
    get back to work, the fries are done…

  2. 52 grand over 7 years?

    I agree with Cutter.

    Big deal.

    These Foundations are set up solely for tax purposes, not to “give back.”

    Most people who use them , though, actually donate real money instead of a pittance like that.

  3. Sounds to me like Jared is willing to increase his outreach giving to Bloomington not only through the scholarship program but also through the Foundation into the future. Why be upset with his outreach and why make “fun” of his offerings? I don’t understand this reaction. I don’t live in Bloomington, Indiana where several professional sports players were born and reared. Philanthropy usually comes from wealthy business folks so it is nice to see a professional athlete start doing something like this. I am inclined to believe that Jared is learning how to give back and this is a beginning. It is not easy to give money away according to some who preside over benevolent Foundations. Jared is willing to learn how to do this in his home town!

  4. I give the kid a lot of credit. Not many former IU players in basketball or football have given back that I can recall and if they do it is for IU, not the town of Bloomington. Thanks Jared for making our town better!!! I will never forget the run in 2002!

  5. I can’t believe someone would complain about how much he has given. 52K over 7 years is pretty generous. $7,500 each year and if he gives to two people each year, thats $3,750 per kid. My kid would love to have someone give her a scholarship in that amount to go to school. What someone chooses to do with his/her money is up to them. He could have just kept his cash and I’m sure someone would complain about that. Any donation is better than nothing. Great job Jared!

  6. Who do some people think they are that gives them the right or knowledge to judge what is an appropriate amount to give??? Jared is proving that he is generous, those that judge and criticize prove they are idiots. Thanks Jared.

  7. You people who are cynically belittling Jared Jeffries’ contributions to his hometown must be utter saints. I’m sure you’ve all given a proportionally higher percentage of your income and free time to help out your hometown community. Wow, I’m impressed. Right.

    I sure wish we could recover those last two years of eligibility for Jared Jeffries. Now that would be a way to give back to Bloomington–play 2 more years!

  8. I want to know what the idiots who are critical of Jared are giving back each year to any charity or community? You’ve probably never given a dime away, but you come on here and berate someone who has given back, to the tune of $7,500 a year over the last 7 yrs. As a another poster said $3,750 per kid in scholarship money is nothing to sneeze at. Those of us who paid our own way would’ve loved a free $3,750 per year. I think at the end of the day it simply boils down to class envy. The idiots who post it’s not enough see NBA player of 7 yrs. and think he should be giving a much higher percentage away. As of yet, at least the last time I checked, there was no law requiring him to give a dime to charity. Those people who are critical really should think a minute before you open your mouth and let the world know you’re stupid with a capital S.

  9. I hpoe Irving deons’t raed tshee rmeakrs aoubt “how wlel the IU faithful spuoprt sstyem is’, cuase tihs wluod look jsut the osipopte! Myabe he wlil wnat to reconsider. Waht deos caoch tinhk of thsee rmerkas?

  10. They are comments from ignorant people. There are those kind of people everywhere. On here they are just Purdue people

  11. Actually, if you girls did the math, it’s not $3,750 per kid. $52,000 divided by 24 scholarships is $2,167. Are you sure you didn’t go to Kentucky?

    Again, it’s nice he gave, but let’s not act like he’s a saint by giving a little over 50 grand over 7 years when he’s probably made close to a hundred million in that time.

    As far as “I don’t remember other players giving back”, maybe that’s because they don’t call a press conference to brag about themselves doing it.

  12. The Nattering Nabobs of Negativity in this are once again proving that no good deed goes unpunished. Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot.

  13. Laffy, after having family live in Bloomington my whole life and after being here 15 years myself and working at IU for much of that time, I can tell you that whether media knows or not, I would say that I know of only a small handful of athletes that have given back to IU. Off of the top of my head I cannot name one that has given this much back to Bloomington in the last 10 years. Listen to yourself, you are complaining that a person has given back…that is just crazy! After reading your post, it is obvious that you do not care for JJ and that is fine, you have your opinion. I have to ask, how much have you done for your home town???

  14. Laffy, sometimes a press conference is a good way to publicize an organization. If Jared’s goal in forming his foundation is to raise money for scholarships, etc., why wouldn’t he want publicity? To characterize the news conf. as a way to ‘brag about himself doing it’ is simplistic and misguided.

    As J Pat said, it’s ridiculous to complain about a person who gives back to his or her community when so many do nothing.

  15. Laffy, regardless how much it is to each student the fact remains he cares enough to give out scholarships, and is setting up a foundation to give more. Three of the first four post, including yours, were absolutely stupid. I’ll ask again; what have the negative idiots ever done in their own communities? I highly doubt it’s much, most likely nothing. Only class envious idiots complain about somebody rich giving to charity. Also, don’t ever accuse me again of being a Kentucky grad. 🙂

  16. It was nothing to do with “class envy.”

    I just don’t we should put him on Mount Rushmore for giving 50 grand over 7 years.

  17. I wouldn’t put him on Rushmore either. It just irks the crap out of me when people start bashing a dude because he’s giving HIS money away.

  18. Matt 6:3-4 “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” (NIV)

  19. Laff-arisee, perhaps Luke 6:37 slipped your mind, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

    Much like the Pharisees, you are good with the law but poor in heart.

    Thank you JJ, we look forward to your continued giving in the Bloomington community.

  20. 1) I’m not a Christian so those rules don’t apply to me. But Jeffries is very religious. So, I’m surprised he had to brag about giving this money.

    2) You might want to pass that “don’t judge/condemn” thing around to all the churches in the country because they clearly never got the message.

  21. What is your problem? How is he bragging? He’s just letting people know about a good cause. Is he supposed to hide the fact that it now exists? And who said anything about putting him on Mount Rushmore for this? You are the one who crticized him and blew it out of proportion. What an asinine thing to complain about.

  22. Jimmy and guys, Laff has a problem with Jeffries for whatever reason, read between the lines in his posts. Don’t waste your time on it!

  23. “So that your giving may be in secret”

    Seriously, how can you guys rip Kaintuck fans for being idiots and not being able to read?

    I’ll let you girls have the last word on this.

  24. Pharisees weren’t Christians either, they were religious types, kind of like you being on a Hoosier blog – not really a Hoosier fan but someone who likes to cause a little trouble.

  25. I’ve seen it all now. Someone is using Bible quotes to insult someone for giving back to the community…on a sports blog. I love the internet.

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