Lewis headed to Division II

Kellen Lewis, the former Indiana star who was kicked off the team for violating a team rule, will play his senior season at Division II Valdosta State.

ESPN.com’s Joe Schad has the story.

“He told me, ‘I just can’t give you another chance,'” Lewis said. “And I understand because I violated our contract. It was a bad day then but I will stay in touch with those coaches.”

Valdosta State came into spring practice with one quarterback that had game experience, redshirt junior Russ Callaway. Callaway suffered a knee injury during spring drills and is not expected to play in 2009.

That obviously would leave a huge hole that Lewis, who set 16 school records with Indiana, could fill.


  1. Glad to hear that Kellen is taking responsibility for his actions. This is your last chance Kellen, so make the best of it!

  2. I actually wish Kellen the best. He has owned up to everything, just too bad he could not keep his end of the bargain up. I give Lynch credit for cutting him loose, especially in his job position…it could not have been easy!

  3. Good riddance. Lewis was worse than all of the worst stories of Sampson players combined. Did not deserve to be part of IU and I hope they put an asterisk next to his 16 records.

  4. Come on, Aruss – we’re going to go all medieval on the kid for smoking weed and skipping classes? He deserved to get thrown off the team because he couldn’t follow rules, but most of us appreciate his contributions and wish him well. But he is kinda like the wild grandkid who you’re glad to see go home but who leaves good memories. We wish you well Kellen – thankfully from a distance.

  5. I’d say he landed at an OK school with an OK program. They could probably beat IU!

  6. “we’re going to go all medieval on the kid for smoking weed and skipping classes?” – This “kid” just had a baby. That should have been his wake up call, instead he continued to be the punk who wanted to continue partying like a rock star. Maybe if we kicked him out of school after the first 10 times he screwed up, his would be the only life effected. This guy pisses me off because of the potential as a person and player he had versus the jerk he is. Good riddance.

  7. Aruss, I don’t think anybody knew the extent of your emotional investment in Kellen. Apparently he let you down in a major way. Personally, I can’t understand your getting so pissed at Kellen when the only connection you have to him is that he played football for a team you like.

    My experience with IU sports (any level of sport, really) is that this sort of thing happens all the time (Tommy Baker, et al). C’est la vie.

  8. I agree, GFDave. While I’m sorry for him that he’s wasted opportunities and sorry we’re losing a skilled player, life is too short to hold grudges against people I don’t know. Lesson here is Lynch is a man of his word. Best of luck Kellen.

  9. What makes this even more saddening is that this was a player that Hep was ecstatic to have come to IU.

  10. Hope Lewis enjoys the heat in Valdosta. And, this is an area where they are serious about football.

  11. <Hope Lewis enjoys the heat in Valdosta. And, this is an area where they are serious about football. -o7akid

    You do know that Lewis is from Jacksonville Florida right?

    That he grew up there, played football there, is used to the heat they have (which isn’t much different than August here, more humid), not to mention growing up around the Florida and Florida State programs?

    I think he knows that area of the country.

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