Price and Zachery representing USA

A post from football correspondent Mike P….

Since I have seen no coverage from the HT guys, I guess I will put some stuff up real quick. The IFAF (International Federation of American Football) Junior World Championships are going on in Canton Ohio right now.

Playing for Team USA iare Indiana recruits Aaron Price (OL) and Nick Zachery (S). As an OL it is hard to get a stat line, but I know Price had a few massive pancake blocks as team USA racked up 610 yards (405 rushing) over team France.

Nick Zachery had 1 punt return for 49 yards and recorded 2 tackles from his Safety position as Team USA held France to a microscopic total of 7 yards (yes 7, 38 passing & -31 rushing) on 47 total plays. That is .15 yards per play.

Team USA beat France 78-0 in front of more than 10,000 people.

Round 2 is played Wednesday with Team USA taking on Mexico at 7:00pm EST. There is live online streaming, just look on USA Football dot com.


  1. GFDave,

    I hope it doesn’t. This has to do with soon to be IU football players representing our country playing the game they love.

  2. GFDave,

    I can’t believe Lynch would allow his players to play in this charade! Grrr…

    There, we got that out of the way. Good for the kids, getting the chance to play for the US.

  3. Guys, I just realized how choppy that post was and that it is kind of hard to follow. I did write it about midnight last night and guess I was a lot more tired than I thought. My apologies.

  4. It looks like Fox College Sports Atlantic is broadcasting the bronze medal game on July 4th and the Gold Medal game on July 5th.

    Other than that, it is all streamed live online.

  5. Korman and anyone, please help. I vowed to start this year and take my wife and little ones to every BIG 10 football stadium before they grad high school. We are starting this year with Northwestern. Have any of you been there before and if so, do you know of a hotel in walking distance to the stadium? Thanks for any info? I will get a better answer on here than calling the NW athletic dept I am sure, haha!

  6. The Orrington Hotel is the closest. Pretty pricey.
    Many motels outside Evanston. Probably half the price.
    Walker’s Pancake House, Green Bay Road, is good for breakfast, get there early.
    Across the street from the stadium (southeast) is a hotdog stand that’s been there for years.
    The people don’t bite!

  7. Playing football against France? That’s like…it’s like…well, somehow it invokes the Jamaican bobsled team. Perfect competition for future Hoosiers, who play similar competition at the beginning of each season.

  8. According to a source I read on-line (iforget where), Penn State has the easiest non-conference schedule in the country and we have the fourth easiest non-conference schedule.

  9. If anyone wants to know, it is 41-0 in the 2nd qtr of the Team USA vs. Mexico IFAF 2nd round game.

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