Put this in the playbook

Adam Replogle, who will play defensive tackle at Indiana beginning in August, scored the game-winning touchdown in the Big 33 game over the weekend. You can fast forward to the 6:35 mark of the above video to watch the final score.

The Big 33 is the football equivalent of the Kentucky-Indiana All-Stars series, played annually between Ohio and Pennsylvania.

I’d open a discussion of which event is better, but I don’t want to have to create more work for myself by having to set the record straight after you guys share your thoughts.


  1. His high school ran Adam quite a few times last year in short yardage situations. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him take the field in some goal-line or short yardage situations for IU!

  2. Don’t count on it Cramer, we don’t believe in fullbacks or power running. Sears was running the ball very well a couple years ago straight up the middle and then all of the sudden we just stopped giving him the ball…

  3. We’ll have to see. The pistol formation that their putting into the playbook this year is all about running downhill. I don’t think you’ll see Replogle as a staple in the IU offense, he’s a DT after all, but depending on the situation (first and goal, Penn State anyone?) I wouldn’t count it out.

  4. I could see him in a 1st and goal from the 1 situation. What JeremyK wrote was true though. I even remember posting on here and asking Korman to ask Lynch why IU was not recruiting a FB prospect to replace Sears. Of course the answer I got was that they didn’t use a FB enough out of the spread to recruit one.

    3-9 season in 2008, running formation changing for 2009, Lynch and company going after bigger running backs…..I think they went to see Dr. Grossman and finally have a forward vision. I think.

  5. Jeremy, I’d say you will see some more “powerful” running from the pistol (if, a big if, our OL can step up).

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