Q&A: Derek Elston

Indiana Boys Allstars

I was able to sit down with Derek Elston after yesterday’s All-Star Game in Indiana for a one-on-one interview. This is what we talked about.

Q: How was this weekend for you?

A: It was amazing. It really was. With this group of guys, I don’t think I could have had a better experience playing basketball. Especially getting the sweep in Conseco and in Kentucky. It’s been a dream, and I am glad it finally got fulfilled.

Q: What expectations did you have coming into this week?

A: I expected us to win both games. I knew that this was big-name guys who could play ball. From one to 12, or 13. However many we had. Everyone could get in, and you could trust them.

Q: The way these games played out — Kentucky was so small, you had to play small too. It forced the big guys (Elston, Stephan Van Treese and Patrick Bade) to share minutes. Was it frustrating at all to be sitting on the bench than you are used to?

A: At times, it was. Yeah and no, really. Everybody made a mistake. When I was in, I made a mistake that somebody on the bench would have liked to gotten in and not made. But just watching on the bench all the guys who are in there and seeing them make those huge plays. It was fun to be on there and just watch it, without having to worry about hurrying up and getting back to guard a man. It was frustrating a little bit, but overall not really, at all.

Q: How did you have to adapt to the way the games were being played?

A: I did have to stretch a lot more. The rotation went where it was three or four minutes of you playing and then you sat out for six to seven to eight minutes, even longer. So you really wanted to get stretched out, just in case your name was called real quick. You had to get in and you had to contribute.

Q: Eight rebounds tonight. That’s pretty good.

A: I knew that this game was going to be a lot harder, just because we were in Kentucky. I wanted to just go every single time and my turnout was pretty good.

Q: The first couple of times I’ve seen you play, you were really out on the perimeter. But this weekend, you’ve been inside and just banging.

A: It’s probably just because with the juniors, a lot of the kids were 6-7, 6-8. So you wanted to take them off the dribble and shoot from outside. But with these guys, the tallest kid was 6-6, so we just had to bang them in the post and it worked out every single time.

Q: You ready to go on campus?

A: Oh yeah. I cannot wait to get down to IU. Especially after playing with Jordy (Hulls) out here. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Q: How much have you and Jordy been able to hang out this week?

A: Probably everyday. You’re not at Marion (College, where the team trained) or at the hotel we were at last night without being together and everybody being in the same room. It has been a lot of fun.


  1. I can’t speak to Derek Elston’s skills, having never seen him play, but he’s certainly got the muscular development of a mature college player. This picture of him rather Ahnold-like (Schwarzenegger, that is). All the better to muscle Robbie Hummel around with!!

  2. I’m impressed with the commitment Derek made to packing on some muscle since Tipton last played. He’s dedicated & ready to contribute to IU. As for Ahnold, however, have you seen Bobby Capobianco? http://is.gd/13055 I’ve seen him called the “vanilla gorilla”- very fitting. Elston may produce more overall, but Bobby is a beast. Expect Jeff Watkinson to bulk them both up even more. Can’t wait!!!

  3. Chronic,

    When I last spoke to Capobianco, I asked him if he had been hitting the weights since the season ended. He sort of laughed and said he thought he probably needed to focus more on speed and agility.

  4. All the better–got to be able to muscle people in the paint. I’m sure Tom Pritchard will appreciates having some help down low. Relieved of primary post scoring, rebounding and defense responsibilities, he may be that much more effective as a scorer.

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