Tom Crean press conference

Tom Crean’s press conference (June 24, 2009)

Among the updates from Crean today:

  • Sophomore point guard Daniel Moore has a broken bone in his foot. He had surgery Monday and will be out 10 weeks.
  • Jeremiah Rivers has been the team’s hardest worker since he got here, and is much improved since playing at Georgetown.
  • Crean’s camps have been a who’s who of Indiana basketball, with a long list of alum and even former coach Lou Watson making appearances.
  • Crean hopes to eventual have Albert Pujols come speak to the team. Crean really admires his work ethic and preparation for games.
  • The basketball practice facility should be ready to go by January, and Crean is in the midst of helping with the final design touches.
  • Crean discussed recruiting, saying that the program is continuing to look at a wide range of players for the next few years even though there might be a shortage of scholarships. Crean said it is his duty to continue recruiting because of how the program might change with players leaving.
  • Crean and his staff continue to monitor the academic progress of Maurice Creek and Bawa Muniru, but did not go into detail about their prospects for gaining eligibility and joining the team.


  1. Couldn’t pass this up, but, in re: Daniel Moore’s broken foot- bouncing a basketball off it so many times will do that!

    That said, love ya, Dan, hope you’re back soon!

  2. Chronic, that’s cold-hearted. What would also be cold-hearted would be Creek and/or Muniru not being eligible. Please, no!!!!!

  3. Is it that darn four years of high school math thing already? Boy, this is going to make rebuilding tougher, having to have all that math. One point for a free throw, two for a basket and three for beyond the arc. And you only get five fouls before you have to sit unless of course you’re throwing elbows.

  4. No big deal about Moore. Are they really going to keep him around for another year? I don’t think he could have cracked South’s lineup this year.

  5. Jeff, why the negative comments about a walk-on? Especially one who started some games last year and worked his butt off? He started several years for Carmel and was an Indiana All-Star. I’m sure JR would have found a spot for him in the Panther lineup.

  6. A few workers like Daniel to inspire the same diligence in the ‘stars’ will be key to our return to success. One of the very few things that I appreciated from coach sampson was the time he play Errek heavy minutes vs. Duke to try to get the attention of his prima donnas….

  7. Over recruiting is a good thing,just like these 2 guys that are not
    in town. Coaches need some flexibility. That is good news about
    Rivers. He was already a defensive player and now it sounds like he has game.

  8. I wonder if Creans good relations with Larussa can help Crean get on Knights good side and eventually get his butt back into IU bbal somehow.

  9. It’s not the title of this blog, but I didn’t bring it up, so here goes….Can you imagine Assembly Hall full to the rafters, the lights come up, and Coach Crean announces a special honored guest in the Hall…Robert Montgomery Knight.

    It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


    FG, TC are you thinking about it??

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