What happened to Ferguson?

[4:40 P.M. UPDATE]

James Dye, the executive director of the SYF Players organization, said Ferguson has a sprained knee and that is why he was not in New Albany on Thursday.

Ferguson told Dye, who is a doctor, that he was asked at Tuesday’s game whether or not he could play Thursday and said no. Because of that, neither Ferguson or Dye called Thursday to let the game’s organizers know what was happening.

“It’s no disrespect,” Dye said. “A lot of times guys think these kids are arrogant and more than they are. But this has nothing to do with that; more of a kid not making a phone call because of an assumption.

“I will be talking to those guys over there and putting in whatever apologies I need.”

Ferguson has had knee problems in his past, so Dye wanted to rest the knee and see how it is. It is a first-degree sprain, and Dye said Ferguson’s pain level is at a three or four going downstairs, but has no pain going up.

Dye said that Ferguson was hurt 10 minutes into the Benton Central game, and did not have any complaints about playing time because of that. Ferguson was also scheduled to be at the Adidas Nations event in France, but turned it down to play in these two games.

“He basically just told his dad that he would rather stay home,” Dye said. “I don’t know many guys who would give up a European tournament to do something they really didn’t want to do.”

As to the prep school rumor, Dye said Ferguson will definitely not attend Oak Hill. He has received calls from prep schools (most national-level prospects do), but has not made any plans to visit a prep school campus.

[1:25 P.M. UPDATE]

Ferguson’s high school coach, Jack Keefer, said that he does not know why Ferguson was not in New Albany.

Keefer was in New Albany to watch Ferguson and Stephan Van Treese play. He said Ferguson’s girlfriend told him it was a hyperextended knee.

There seems to be some question as to whether or not Ferguson will be at Lawrence North for his senior year. Keefer has not been told anything either way.

“I would assume, but who knows,” Keefer said. “When you get into the mafia of the AAU, it’s hard to know what those people are recommending. Unless he tells me different, we expect him.

“When you get into the world that he is in, it’s a tough world.”

Keefer also said he thought that Ferguson would be in Paris, with the Adidas Nations team. Justin Martin, another Lawrence North player, is also on that team.


Dominique Ferguson was expected to be in New Albany Thursday night to play in the Indiana All-Stars Seniors/Juniors exhibition.

The Lawrence North junior, who has not been offered a scholarship by Indiana but has said the coaching staff is actively recruiting him, was not in attendance.

The Indiana All-Stars organization did not know why that was the case, just that he did not show up, media relations director David George said.


  1. Perhaps we should reserve judgment on this situation until more info is available. Hopefully nothing bad happened. H-T guys, please post an update if you get more info.

  2. Yea, might be interesting, but at this point it’s all speculation. Lets not get out panties in a bunch here.

  3. Turd Ferguson? Ferguson Jenkins? Princess Fergie? C’mon, be more specific. I assume you are talking about Dominique, but to assume is to make an assofyouandme.

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