Young, a 6-5 wide receiver, commits to IU

Toughness, for Logan Young, is not just breaking tackles and turning 10-yard outs into 70-yard touchdown receptions.

It’s breaking free from three older brothers and avoiding a swirley.

Young was eight, maybe nine, and was a self-described germaphobe. So when his brothers decided to stick his head in the toilet, Young fought like he had never fought before. And, what do you know, he broke free from the siblings’ grasp.

A little less than a decade later, Young is going to take that self-taught toughness to the Big Ten. The wide receiver from Delta verbally committed to the Indiana football program Thursday, five days after receiving a scholarship offer.

Young is a 6-foot-5, 190-pound wide receiver that runs a 4.59 40-yard dash. He was a basketball standout, playing AAU basketball for the renowned Spiece organization, until a year ago.

After a long AAU season, Young said he made a decision that he had been ruminating for more than a year.

He wanted to play college football, not basketball.

His coach, Grant Zgunda, took the news and ran with it, making highlight videos and sending out the appropriate information to college coaches.

Young’s decision may have come a little late, which is why his recruitment was generally limited to Indiana, Purdue and hometown Ball State. The Hoosiers were the first to offer.


  1. Interesting, he has the same name as a local freshman female who recently sued the IHSAA to be allowed to play baseball, only to get cut from the team.

  2. Is this another example of an athlete playing more that one sport that gets missed? He better put on some muscle and weight.

  3. No, it’s another example of us signing nobodies and expecting them to compete against Ohio State’s 5 star athletes.

  4. We sign who we can get. More than likely the 5 star athletes that Ohio State can hand pick from across the nation are hardly going to think about IU. Should we go after some? Absolutely. But we can’t offer only 5 star studs and not go after 2 to 3 star Indiana and Midwest players (or ‘nobodies’ as you call them) that the big boys probably aren’t going to pursue as much. Focus on the 2 and 3 star guys and if we can get some 4 and maybe even a 5 star guy then great. That’s the reality of our recruiting situation right now.

  5. Why does everyone focus on how many “stars” a guy has?? It’s retarted. It’s like preseason basketball ratings. Some of the 5 star guys end up sucking, and some of the “nobody” 3 star kids become the studs…

    Now don’t get me wrong, I totally look at peegs and, but since when is recruiting all about how many stars someone has?

  6. This kid could become a stud…and with IU’s current depth at WR it is certainly worth a role of the dice. Nice pick up!

  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While I’d love to have few 4 and 5 star recruits, I think not all of those kids are that good and some 3 star kids are better than 3s. IU seems to be getting more 3s these days than they have in the past. If they can win a few more games, evidence some improvement better 3s and a few 4s will start coming our way.

  8. james hardy came in running a 4.65 in the 40.he runs 4.58 in the 40.after a redshirt year and adding 15 to 20 pds get stronger and quicker.he has tools to become a player.

  9. Steve,

    I agree that we should not pay attention only to the number of stars given to recruits. However, I would argue that the cases where 5-stars are major flops and where 3-stars become all-stars, are the exception rather than the rule.

  10. I’ll take any kid that tall with that speed. Granted, he will slow down when he starts packing on muscle, but a big target none the less…

  11. I’ve seen this “nobody” play many times and he IS a three star recruit. He has great hands, can go up and get balls with the best of them and can be a sneaky deep threat at the college level, not to mention an excellent blocking reciever. He’s the kind of kid you want on your team. He will face triple teams in his senior year and will still go for 1200+ yards and 15+ touchdowns. Watch.

  12. hey im 6’6 210 run a 4.6 … can i play for indiana too ?? i think i would be a great addition to the team they have surely

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