Ferguson discusses leaving Lawrence North, message board haters

AKRON, Ohio — Dominique Fergsuon, a 6-foot-8 forward from Indianapolis, may not be back next season at Lawrence North.

Ferguson was rattling off a list of the tournaments he is scheduled to play in during the rest of the summer and said it would be time for school once he is done.

I asked if that meant Lawrence North, which Ferguson has attended for the last three years.

“I don’t know,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson declined to discuss specifics, namely what school he would attend or why.

“I can’t really say,” Ferguson said. “They’re all really good coaches. It is just personal reasons.”

The former Kentucky commit has stirred up the Indiana gossip mill since he announced he was back on the open market.

Namely, by missing the second Indiana Senior-Junior All-Star Game in New Albany.

Ferguson said he had a hyperextended knee, and was unable to sit in a car for two hours, much less play.

Doc Dye, who runs the SYF Players organization (which Ferguson plays AAU ball for), said the day after the game that he decided to take precaution with Ferguson, and it was his fault that no one called the junior all-stars coaching staff.

The incident was almost forgotten, that is until Ferguson set up a Twitter account and brought it up.

Ferguson said he was just tired of people talking about him, without asking him what had happened.

“I saw some stuff from so-called recruiters, or whatever,” Ferguson said. “They just all pretty much had their own opinion and pretty much said stuff about me that they didn’t know about, like that I skipped it because I didn’t like the coaches and I didn’t like the players.

“I never had a problem with any of the coaches and all of the players have all been my best friends and stuff.”

Most of it came from Indiana people, Ferguson said. But that it would not affect the Hoosiers’ recruitment of him.

“I am pretty sure that if I committed to Indiana, everybody that is talking bad about me would pretty much change to the opposite way,” Ferguson said. “I know how people are.”

Ferguson does not have an offer from Indiana, though the Hoosiers are said to be very interested. Arizona, Duke, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky and Oklahoma are also in pursuit of Ferguson.

Scout.com has Ferguson as the No. 16 prospect in 2010, while Rivals.com has him at No. 23.


  1. IU alumni again,

    That necesarily wouldn’t be a bad thing. I mean the kid is a great player but over the past few months he seems to be a head case.

  2. If he thinks the IU message boards are bad…. how on earth did he think he had the skin to play at KENTUCKY!? You know, the yahoos that just ran out the coach that recruited him (and the one before that).

    I think Ferguson is a special talent, but c’mon Dominique, block out the internet experts, and continue to improve your game. There are those so called “experts” at every big time program. Forget about ’em, and do your thing. Good luck at Indiana, Kentucky, or wherever you choose.

  3. We are better off without DF. If he can’t take the heat, get out of the frying pan.

  4. Well I’m glad that at least some IU fans don’t want this guy, because we won’t get him if you people keep badmouthing him on message boards. UK might put you on partial scholarship to reward the damage you’re doing to IU.

    Mr. Ferguson, please give IU a chance, most of us would love to have you on the team and you’d have our unqualified support.

  5. The kid is flakier than a French pastry counter. It’s like he’s reading from the Xavier Henry play book on recruitment. Don’t hold your breath on this one.

  6. To eric. Speak for yourself. Anybody who is a true IU fan doesn’t want a Me First, One and Done, Bad Attitude, player on our team to screw with the chemistry and the rebuilding of the program. And that’s, I think, MOST of us out here.

  7. Rab, if you knew me even in the most tangential way, you’d never question whether I’m a a true IU fan. But there’s no way you could know me, so I won’t call out the utter lunacy of questioning me on that credential.

    I also think that none of us really know this recruit, or almost any recruit before they even get to town. To so thoroughly vilify this kid is to assume you know much more than you do about him, and I don’t think we should label him as you and others have done on this message board. He may turn out to be a flake or a great guy, but none of us have sufficient info to make that call at this point.

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