Brewster wants 12th Big Ten team

Minnesota coach Tim Brewster has joined Penn State coach Joe Paterno in the group of coaches wanting a 12th team in the Big Ten and a football championships game.

Brewster, at the end of his podium address to the assembled media at the Big Ten Media Days, said he looks forward to the Big Ten having a Saturday night championship game on national television.

“How great would that be?” Brewster said. “We’re missing a little something there by not having it.”

Brewster also said Minnesota has schedule a home-and-away with Southern California for the coming years. Said recruits perk up when they hear that, and that they want to play in marquee national television games.

But wait, doesn’t every Big Ten team already appear on national television?


  1. 1. the BTN a national network? gimme a break.

    2. i still think penn state should have never joined the big 10.

  2. I know that Big Ten purists will blaze away at me with large-caliber weapons for saying this, but adding a 12th team is the best thing the Big Ten could do.

    If Pitt or Syracuse were added, one division could be Pitt/Syracuse, Penn St., Ohio St, IU, Purdue and Illinois. If Missouri or Nebraska were added, Missouri could go in division with Illinois, one of its biggest rivals (kind of like IU-UK except they still play in football); or Nebraska could go in with Iowa, Wiscy, Minny and the Michigans in a ‘North’ division. Traditional rivalries between teams in opposite divisions could be handled the way the SEC does it–those teams always play, i.e., Tennessee vs. Alabama, Georgia vs. Auburn, etc. Thus Michigan and OSU would always play even if they were in separate divisions. And of course in hoops everyone plays anyway.

    Go ahead, let me have it, I’m expecting it.

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