Examining Rivals, Scout’s 2011 rankings

For today’s print edition (Yeah, we still have that), I talked to Rivals.com’s Jerry Meyer and Scout.com’s Dave Telep about the process of rating the top players in the class of 2011.

The two men are responsible for their respective sites’ rankings and go about in different ways. Perhaps because of that, or even despite that, the rankings are very different.

Taking only the top 75 (Rivals did a top 100, but Scout stopped at 75), there are 62 similar names. But even those players have an average difference of just more than 10 positions between the two rankings.

While I had Meyer and Telep on the phone, I took the chance to ask them about some prospects. Here is what they had to say.

MATT CARLINO (PG/SG, Bloomington South, Scout.com No. 72, Rivals unranked)

Telep: “I’ve seen him a pretty good bit. He still has to define what position he is, whether he is going to be a point guard or a shooting guard. His road is a little tougher. He had a big reputation very early. He has that bulls-eye on his back and guys are gunning for him. He has to sharpen up the finer points of his game to get that (higher) ranking. You want to see him take ownership of the team. Will he be a point? Will he be a shooting guard? I think that’s a fair question, and it is to be determined.”

Meyer: “If we had done a 150, he would have been there. The thing with Carlino is that I’ve watched him play for at least two years. And I’ve always thought he was good, never thought he was great. I know he has a lot of hype around him. In my mind, he hasn’t fallen anywhere. That was other people hyping him, not Rivals.com. I saw a good, solid, sturdy guard who knew how to play.”

MARQUIS TEAGUE (PG, Pike, Scout.com No. 6, Rivals.com No. 2)

Telep: “Light years ahead of his brother (Jeff), and his brother just went to the Atlanta Hawks in the first round. The thing that drives Marquis Teague and that has driven the Teague family is the DNA strand for competitiveness. He’s a load to deal with off the dribble. Marquis Teague is one of the best players in the country, and not just in this class.”

Meyer: “I think the game is more and more becoming a point guard’s game. I think that’s the key position. I think it’s the most pivotal position. That works in Teague’s favor. I love his ballhandling, his strength and his quickness. I did not see Chris Paul play as a young player. But, in my mind, I instantly made that connection at the (Boo) Williams Tournament this spring. That’s what I can imagine a young Chris Paul looking like. I see a lot of similarities in body build, talent and approach to the game.”

MARSHALL PLUMLEE (C, Arden Christ School (Asheville, N.C.), Scout.com No. 35, Rivals.com No. 47) and CODY ZELLER (PF, Washington, Scout.com No. 59, Rivals.com unranked)

Meyer: “One has a much better body than the other. That’s one of the No. 1 things I look for when I scout. When you watch the NBA, then you watch college and then you watch high school, one of the most obvious differences is body type. You’re not looking at point average, or who got All-District or all that. What you’re looking at is do they have the body? The size? Strength? Speed? The explosiveness? Plumlee has that. He’s more athletic and he’s going to be able to rebound in traffic. Cody has a ways to go before he can snag a rebound in traffic. That might be the difference.”


  1. Not to be outdone:
    @DaveTelep Working on Scout.com 2010 Top 100 right now. Been sitting on my desk making changes. Hard decisions but decided to put Barnes in Top 100 LOL
    37 minutes ago from web

    Does Carlino crack top 100?

  2. Great column Hugh. Its fun to hear what goes on behind the curtain. One nitpick on one of Jerry Meyer’s answers though. I’m pretty sure if you asked Plumlee if he was a better athlete than Zeller you’d get a good laugh out of him. Zeller is one of the fastest big kids in the class and neither of these two are leapers. Plumlee does have a couple of inches on him for now and is a wonderful prospect though, don’t take that as a comment that Zeller is a better or worse prospect. He’s just a ton more mobile and quicker. Jerry will get to see him a little more soon enough I suspect.

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