For your review: David Williams

You’re Indiana fans. When you see film of a player, you want it all. The dunks and 3-pointers and drives to the lane are nice, but they don’t provide enough for your evaluation. You’d like to see how the player runs the floor in transition, and how they box out. You’re even interested in how they communicate with teammates between plays and their footwork on defense.

So here’s some fairly raw video of David Williams playing in the second half of the Atlantic Celtics’ first game of the day Monday. I trimmed it here and there to keep the length down, but you should still get a good sense of how Williams plays.

We’ll have more video of Williams — and others — in the coming days.


  1. First off, thanks for the video. I appreciate being able to see some actual footage.

    Second, I don’t know how coaches and scouts can really evaluate these kids that well in these games, especially on teams like these which don’t appear to do any passing and just shoot the first shot they get. I’m sure its a little better on a team like Indiana Elite, but there was very little passing in the footage you posted.

    Finally, as far as Williams is concerned I guess all we will all just have to sit back and wait and see. Definitely not impressive in the video, but it was hard to tell since he really didn’t see the ball. Until he gives me a reason otherwise, I will trust Crean’s judgement.

  2. I agree with Brad on every point he made.

    My evaluation of Williams is that he has a good body for B10 play and has a good GPA which should help the team APR. There may be potential for more, but not everybody can be a starter.

    The more I watch these AAU videos the more I come to dislike them. There is no team orientation and no player development coaching that I can see. In this clip Williams’ team didn’t even play D with their hands in the air. No wonder some HS coaches hate this stuff.

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