Indiana gets commitment from RB

Matt Perez, a 5-foot-11, 200-pound running back from Park Ridge, Ill. became the ninth player to verbally commit to Indiana’s class of 2010.

He notified the coaching staff of his intentions Wednesday.

Perez’s coach, David Inserra, had no trouble describing his back.

“I think Indiana pegged him with a 4.55 forty (yard dash),” Inserra said. “He is strong, explosive, has great vision and balance and is very quick.”

Inserra said Perez made huge runs and receptions as the team’s featured back in their spread offense, and was a great kick returner. Perez recorded more than 2,600 all-purpose yards with 31 touchdowns in his junior campaign.

Perez and his Maine South team went an undefeated 14-0 on their way to an Illinois Class 8A State Championship, the state’s largest class. In said title game, Perez ran for 119 yards on 18 carries with three touchdowns.

Inserra said Perez always performed well in big games.

“I don’t know if I ever saw him tackled by one guy,” he said. “He had a ton of yards after contact. And he was a guy our seniors really looked to. They were always yelling ‘We got Perez.’ That gave them and the whole team a lot of confidence.”

Neither nor rank him, though both have profiles in their system.

We hope to get in contact with Perez shortly, so still more to come on this most recent verbal commitment for coach Bill Lynch’s staff.


  1. Good numbers for this kid.

    In other football news, Team USA beats Mexico 55-0 in the 2nd round of the IFAF Junior World Championship.

    They out gained Mexico 433-35 in total yardage. It was 27-0 at the end of 1st qtr., then they called off the attack.

    Nick Zachery recorded 1 tackle for a sack. He didn’t handle any returns tonight. No word yet on how Price did.

  2. Boy, I’d sure like to hear about these kids playing some equal competition…trouncing France and Mexico in American Football is Ireland beating us in rugby…absolutely meaningless! (sorry Mike P, I know you are only trying to spread the positive news, no offense intended) I wouldn’t be surprised if the IU athletic department schedules a regular-season game against the Czech Republic next year… (right before the Ohio State game, of course)

  3. HuskyTom,

    That’s fine. You need to understand that these are the top 8 teams in the world. The other 7 teams have been playing together all year to earn their way into this. The USA team has been together for 2 weeks.

    FYI – Team USA isn’t the number 1 seed either. Team Canada is. USA plays Canada on Sunday night.

    I understand where you are coming from, but these kids are represent YOUR country, and this is the first year a USA team has ever competed.

    They deserve some respect!!!

  4. I need to clarify, these are the top 8 teams in the world for this tournament.

    This particular tournament is in it’s first year, but the IFAF has held a different tournament called the NFL Global Junior Championships, that is held during Super Bowl week, that tournament has not included the USA until this year.

    With the US being the host country, we get an automatic bid, but Canada’s success (winning the previous 3 NFL Global Junior Championships gained them the #1 seed, as it should have.

    These teams that are in this tournament are considered the best 19 & under teams out of 40 countries off 5 continents. Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Mexico have all competed in the NFL Global game since it’s inception in 1997. Those teams have competed together prior to this tournament, where as a lot of the USA team members met each other for the first time 2 weeks ago.

    Again, the USA should dominate, but to do so in the way they have is still impressive.

    Imagine what it would be like if this team played together all year to prepare for this tournament?

  5. Getting back to the subject at hand, I watched Matt Perez play in 7 or 8 games last year. He was the best running back in the State of Illinois and the fastest player on Maine South’s team last year. He is an outstanding player. Maine South was ranked nationally in ESPN’s top 25 and Matt Perez was a big reason for that ranking.

  6. j burger,

    Thanks for the info. I wonder if Scout and Rivals just hasn’t evaluated him yet, and now that he has verballed will they ever evaluate him and give him a ranking?

  7. I think we naturally put far too much stock in a player’s ranking. If he ends up affecting our team positively, I don’t care if they give him 0.75 stars.

    And if he’s as good as j burger says, then I’m sure he’ll grab a spot on some list, somewhere, eventually.

  8. Rivals and Scout have missed the boat with Perez, just as they missed the boat and the rest of the Big Ten missed the boat with his teammate last year, QB Charlie Goro. This kid is a player. He is fast and strong. He cleans about 335 and leg presses 550+. Don’t concern yourself with Rivals and Scout with this kid.

  9. I don’t concern myself much with the rankings of a player, but there are many who do and I would love to see some well ranked kids sign here to shut them up.

  10. verbals? Tell me when they’ve signed.
    Unfortunately often verbals don’t seem to matter.

    Obviously, we’d all like to see a really good recruiting group come in…..and then compete and win.

  11. Impressive land. Had to out-recruit a ton of schools for this kid. Oh wait, his only other offer was from D2 now FCS North Dakota State.

    And this happens 2 days after we get kids with BCS offers. Just as it looks like there might be a ray of hope, the staff screws it up again.

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