It Takes 5ive, Part III

When we first journeyed to Cincinnati to cover the It Takes 5ive AAU event — organized by South assistant and Indiana Elite director Criss Beyers — we did so because Kelvin Sampson was making his return to the recruiting trail for the first time in two years.

As it turns out, we rolled onto campus about the same time as Sampson and assistant Ray McCallum. Back then, the question was whether or not McCallum would stay at IU long enough for his son, Ray McCallum Jr., to end up wearing the Hoosiers jersey.

That day, many were upset that Deshaun Thomas — for whom much hype was building in those days — couldn’t make it to Cincinnati. But we spoke with Tyler Zeller, whose comments on Purdue’s coaches seem to resonate more now than they did then (He said the Boilermakers’ coaches were “truthful” and that there was “nothing suspicious about them.” I’ll let you ponder who Zeller compared them to before coming up with that assessment.)

(Here’s an interesting report from about that same time. Notice the three Indiana Elite players IU coveted then; it ended up, of course, signing Jordan Hulls and Bobby Capobianco from that squad).

Which brings us to the 2008 It Takes 5ive event. That was the first time Crean ventured out to an AAU event as the Hoosiers coach. How quickly things had changed for the Indiana program.

What didn’t change was that we followed Crean like gnats at a summer picnic.

The buzz then, as you’ll see from some of the comments on the post linked above, was about a lanky prospect named Christian Watford.

And we wrote stories about how Capobianco and Hulls, both IU commits by then, were envisioning their futures as Hoosiers.

What adventures will be had today? Whatever they are, we hope you’ll be here to read about them.