IU adds 10th recruit

Harrison Scott, a 6-foot-3, 240-pound defensive end from New Albany, Ohio, has given a verbal commitment to join the Indiana football team’s incoming class of 2010.

He is the 10th player to do so.

More on this story as it develops.

Here’s a link to Scott’s ESPN page, which includes video.

And this video, courtesy of ScoutingOhio.com:


  1. I like what I see. Good size. Fights off the double team and doesn’t give up. We need help at DE. We give up too many big plays on the edge due to DEs getting sucked in.

  2. Decent size and speed. Appears to be stronger than his competition, and using that strength just to out muscle his opponents.

    His pursuit is good, field vision appears to be very high. Very raw player, fundamentals are lacking in key areas for a DE, but not uncommon for a high school player in his position.

  3. Seems decent enough…..however, when looking at the ESPN link he was only recruited by 3 MAC schools and Air Force besides Indiana. This is a clear example of a recruiting problem at IU. We need to recruit against other Big Ten or bigger schools. We shouldn’t keep recruiting like we’re apart of the MAC for crying out loud.

    Having said that…..I can’t wait for Sept. 3rd to get the party started! I’m ready to tailgate, see the completed stadium and kickoff the season! Hallelujah! Let us pray….. LOL ;-p

    PS Thank you Fred Glass for the 125 loyalty points! 🙂

  4. Mike W,

    We do need to compete with Big Ten schools, but at the same time, we also need to prove that we can take some “diamond in the ruff” players like this and turn them into overachievers. When we start doing that, and achieving more acceptable records, it’ll make it a lot easier for us to lure better and better recruits to Bloomington, especially when you factor in the stadium renovation and new facilities.

    It’s just hard for IU to give a lot of top players a reason to come here, as opposed to OSU, U of M, Penn State, Michigan State, Illinois, etc. at this juncture.

    Everyone on this team essentially needs to overachieve, including the staff.

  5. Casey,

    Very good points! I guess I’m kind of getting tired of waiting for the “overachievers”, you know? It seems like every year we hear that about the potential of these kids and more often than not nothing happens. It seems like it happens everywhere but at IU. Just look at Ball St. last year for example. They had good talent, but most of them were overachievers. I keep waiting for everyone to step up….and I’ll keep hoping…every year….. I’m a Cubs fan as well, so I know how to be frustrated for years! The Insight Bowl and festivities were a blast and I’m jonesing for another trip! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the comment on my post as I completely understand what you are saying.

  6. Mike W,

    Oh don’t get me wrong, a team that plays at and above it’s perceived ceiling is long overdue here in Bloomington. I’m right there with you as far as my growing impatience for a hungry, competitive team. However, my main point is that until that kind of work ethic and mind set is adopted by the entire team and staff, we’ll have very little ground to stand on when trying to out-recruit historically successful Big Ten programs. Players need to know that they’re going to win, play in big games, and pushed to be better than they thought possible.

    Perhaps this season will begin to indicate whether the current staff is the one that can do that…

  7. Mike W,

    How about Jibreel Black? He’s a huge get for us. Also, Middleton and Kirlew weren’t exactly recruited all that heaviliy, and look what happened with them.

  8. What was Ben Roethlisberger rank? What college did he go to?(a MAC school). Hep’s had it right, his formula was going to be to set the foundation with the players that he could develop that would be big ten caliber by jr. and sr. year and mix-in some blue-chippers in each class along the way. The more success, the more blue-chippers. That’s a more realistic approach than saying we are going to compete with OSU, Mich, Notre Dame across the board year in, year out. We would never expect Mich basketball to go toe to toe in recruiting with IU basketball…not realistic. Here’s another thing about rankings…they’re self fulfilling, so one gets ranked largely based on what schools recruit them.

  9. Mike W, you were right initially. Don’t change your opinion. This team isn’t going to compete in the Big Ten with the philosophy that their “diamonds in the rough” are all Big Ten caliber players.

    Expecting “Joe 2-Star” with offers from Miami (OH), Kent State, and Akron to compete with Ohio State is laughable and will be why this staff gets canned at season’s end.

    Hep did NOT have it right. Zook/Locksley and Illinois have it right. You win games because your players are better than the other team’s players. That’s why they went to the Rose Bowl while we went to the Insight Bowl. That’s why they went into the Horseshoe and won, while we haven’t beat a team on the road that finished above .500 since the 60s.

    You don’t win in college football in September-November, you win in the recruiting months. Time and time again our staff has failed to deliver. We had the opportunity to snatch Jim Harbaugh, who delivered a top 20 recruiting class at academically-rigid Stanford, this off-season. And our AD decides “contracts need to be honored”. When you’re bleeding, do you go and get a band-aid, or just let yourself bleed and become infected?

  10. Bettor doesn’t even need to post on these things anymore.

    We can all assume that his opinion will remain constant in any issue concerning football: Fire Lynch, hire Captain Comeback, start raking in 5-star recruits and Big Ten Championships. It’s that simple.

    I think it’s equally “laugable” to expect Indiana to compete with Ohio State in recruiting right now. But maybe that’s just my “loser” mentality after being an IU fan for a while.

  11. Casey, I enjoy what you say and agree with most. I agree with Bettor and even Husky once in a while, they just do not hold back and sugarcoat…I can appreciate that. If you read through what both of these guys have posted recently, most true fans deep down would agree. Husky wrote recently about skinny tall white guys from this state that are overated and older bros have not panned out…TRUE! Bettor writes we should have hired a new football coach…TRUE. I do though think that Hep had it right for the time being. You get the 2 star 3 star and hope to get lucky and get a 4 here and there and go to a bowl and actually win and then the 4’s and better keep coming. NO, IU cannot compete with OSU, Mich, or PSU in recruiting so we do the best we can. Let these people have there say and if you are honest with yourself, some of it is the truth…just in a harsh way! Can’t we all get along!!!

  12. I’m amused by the skinny white kid comments. They don’t seem to include the fact that these kids got schollies to Duke and North Carolina. I’ll take Coach K’s and Coach Williams’ ability to evaluate talent over anybody on this blog…TRUE

    I have another take on Bettor’s key to winning football. We’ve had 100 years of total football ineptude and only Bettor and Husky and J Pat know how to fix it. That means that the rest of the pack, all the Presidents, ADs and Coaches over 100 years have been dumbasses and never had any insight to the problem. Hhmmm, maybe, maybe not. Maybe its harder than it seems.

    Anyway, we find ourselves with this current Coach under a unique set of circumstances and the issue will play itself out. Coaches get hired to be fired. Some sooner than later.

  13. It’s this easy folks. Hire a high profile coach…spend some money for god sakes…the ticket prices go up and the result stays the same…I have been a hoosier fan since birth (33 years)..love college football and it hurts to watch iu. players play for fans, a possible career and COACHES. Oh yeah….they like to win. I do remember when we had some pretty good records in the 80’s but it’s time to man up and hire a coach. Or is it that we are snakebit? Hep had it right and god bless his soul he was needed somewhere else.

  14. GFDave, why do you continue to dig on me? I don’t get it. I have always been respectful to you and was happy when you found a home here at the HT blog. I could say a lot here but I won’t. All I was saying was that everyone on here makes valid statemments once in a while and we should respect each other for pete sakes. Also, many others on this blog do not like the current coach, a few more people than you mentioned. I hate to go there as I am at peace for this year and will support the staff until…

  15. All three of my kids are D1 athletes. All would probably be labeled ‘overachievers’. They were lightly recruited and all did well in college athletics. The physical difference between most (I stress ‘most’) 3 to 5 star athletes is minimal. What the assistant coaches do with them once they are on campus is the determining factor. Assistant coaches are overlooked in the big picture. The great head coaches know who to hire. How do we stack up?

  16. To continue this line before I head out, I would ask has IU ever truly supported the football program? I remember in 1997-98 talking to a groundskeeper about it and he said that IU would always be a basketball school..no matter what because the athletic dept wanted it that way. I am not sure. The proof is in 2 ways for me. 1. Until this year, how did IU show the public with building facilities that it supported football? The indoor football practice facility was mainly built with a kickstart from Mellencamp and the locker room from Trent Green. I am only in my mid 30’s but I cannot rememeber something IU has done out of pocket except for the new endzone. Basketball has done well so nothing really needed done until recently and look how quick it got done and look how long football has suffered. 2. Also, look at what IU pays the coach of football and it is always last in Big 10 or next to last. Look at what IU paid Cameron, Dinardo, Hep, and Lynch and then look at what Mike Davis was paid after a lucky run in 2002…I think it was 900,000 a year with incentives. How did Davis with almost NO experience over double what our football coach made just like that??????????????

    GFDave and others I am sure think that IU football is so hard to fix! If IU would pay a coach for once, just for once and let’s see what happens. I am also sick of being asked how I would fix it and getting dug on for my plan. I have outlined how I would do it. Dave, put your cards on the table and let us know how you would do it. Please explain so I can critique your plan like you have done mine many times lately. If you get your plan done by tonight, I will give you extra credit!!! Cannot wait to read tonight!!!

  17. J Pat,

    I certainly agree that everyone makes strong points from time to time, and in all honesty I expect a certain degree of rivalry and badgering between two parties that disagree — especially concerning sports, and specifically a team for which both parties are passionate and interested. I hope I’m not sending the message that I hold any actual animosity toward anyone posting on these forums, but it adds a bit to the discussion when posters develop a sort of banter. I respect any opinion for the most part because the mere fact that someone takes the time to comment shows that he or she has a deep interest in IU athletics.

    That being said, I do think a lot of the posts that don’t “sugarcoat” things are also filled with unnecessary hyperbole. But no big deal. In reality, all of these comments are derived from a mutual desire to win, and simply reflect differing opinions on how to get that done. I do think there is a difference between not sugarcoating something and unecessary overexaggeration, though.

    Ok enough of that. Here’s the thing about hiring a “high profile” coach: While I think it’s definitely a promising idea, I don’t feel it’s realistic until our current staff at least begins to move toward improving the program. I truly believe that a high profile coach won’t come here (even for a lot of money)unless it seems that the program is headed in the right direction, because theoretically, if he’s a high profile coach, he could most likely receive a comparable salary at a different school with a more promising situation.

    In essence, I think Lynch and staff must help the program move forward in order to give us a stake in hiring a big time coach — which is a terribly ironic scenario: our current coach must do better before he loses his job to a bigger name coach who sees potential in our program and the direction it’s headed.

    The only other option I see is in plucking a coach who is still on the rise. Both of these arguments have of course been made before. I do feel that this season is very pivotal, and will clear up a lot of questions as to what decisions need to be made regarding personnel as we move forward. But at this point, we’re not going to see any coaching changes this season, and I think people must accept that Lynch and company are here for at least one more season.

    Perhaps we should shift the discussion toward thinking about what they can do better as coaches to ensure that this year’s team is more successful than the last, and talk a bit less about whether or not the current coach should be here at this point.

  18. Jimmy,

    Jibreel Black is a good “catch” and I’m stoked about that. Just like I was about Darius Willis. However, let’s not forget that the kid hasn’t signed anything yet.

    If you recall, two big recruits for IU last year Jeremy Gainer and Kenny Watkins we’re all about IU to for awhile. But, after IU got beat down last year guess what? One was off to Michigan St. (Gainer) and the other to Minnesota (Watkins).

    As much as I hope J Black is wearing Cream & Crimson next Fall (since his brother plays at IU), I’ll remain reserved on him playing at IU until it is in writing.

    Also don’t forget, if Lynch were to be fired, which I don’t believe he deserves at this point, would J Black still be a Hoosier? Just like with Mike Davis these constant rumors of being fired don’t bode well in recruiting. I believe that possibility with Lynch last year is what really led to Watkins and Gainer’s decommitment.

  19. Casey, great comments as always. I agree with most! I will say too that bringing religion and what not into this is tasteless but I have been on blogs where people just play the other card all of the time, devils adv just to stir the pot. The HT blog has never been about that like other blogs. I appreciate that. I do disagree that IU cannot lure a high profile coach. It is all about the dollars at this level. If IU was to double or triple it’s pay for head football coach, the sky is the limit with candidates.

  20. also, good point about focusing on what this staff should do to be more successful this year!

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