Lynch on the podium

“This football team is really, ever since the end of the year in November, had a great offseason. That’s where it all begins.”

“You got to be good upfront if you’re going to win. We have now a situation with our offensive line that we have 84 returning starts in our offensive line. That’s quite a few in college football today.”

“I really like this football team and the way they’ve worked.”

“We’re really proud of what has been built in Blomington and the commitment from our administration. To put together what not only changes the face of the stadium, but the area we are going to work in. … There’s a new face to Indiana football.”

“(Greg Middleton) didn’t have the kind of year he had as a sophomore. (Since January) He’s had a great work ethic. I know our strength & conditioning staff have been really impressed with him.”

“(On more open dates) Yeah, I think that would help. It’s a long season. These kids work all year-round now. It’s unbelieve what we ask of them. … It’s a demanding time. If we can give them a week off somewhere in there, it helps. If you get a week off, I hope it’s later in the season.”

“(On pistol) We wanted to be able to run some power football with some different blocking schemes up front.”

“We got a little bit spoiled (with James Hardy).”

“We’d like to get to a point where we can play a good BCS school as one of our nonconference games.”

“(On visiting Greek organizations during the Spring) Visiting the sororities was a lot better than the fraternities.”