Nike doesn’t want you to know about Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford, the former Indiana guard who is now with Xavier, made himself a legend for 80 high school kids Monday night.

During a pickup game at the LeBron James Skill Academy, Crawford dunked on the man who calls himself King.

“Everyone saw that,” said Marquis Teague, a point guard from Pike who is considered one of the best players in the 2011 class, to Chris Korman. “You couldn’t miss it. Jordan just came through the lane and spooked it. Nobody expected it. He just snuck in and threw it in.”

Michael Gilchrist told’s Gary Parrish that, “It happened, and it was bad.”

So you want to see this, right? A two-handed dunk on the best basketball player in the world, by a little-known player from Xavier?

Well, you’re not going to.

Parrish reported a little while ago that those filming Monday’s pick-up game between James and a group of college players were told to hand over the film.

The freelance photographer who was one of those affected said James went to a Nike official and said something to him. Immediately after that conversation, the same Nike official went around to the videographers.

So, for the record, that is Jordan Crawford 1, LeBron James 0.


  1. I thought this was a blog the Hoosiers…. why do we keep reading only about Hoosier Basketball?

    Whenever there’s a football article, we get double digit comment responses.

    I’m ready to take my page hits/clicking on ads elsewhere.

  2. what are you people smoking?! THIS IS INDIANA UNIVERSITY BASKETBALL.. And WOW to Jordan Crawford making himself a legend! haha maaan I would LOVE to see this tape..

  3. “So you want to see this, right? A two-handed dunk on the best basketball player in the world, by a little-known player from Xavier?”

    ????? You mean to say the SECOND best player, I hope.

    Good for Jordan. I always thought that he would develop into an Eric Gordon-type scorer at IU if given the time; I watched him in a HPER pickup game once with EJ and the rest of the team, and he looked like the best player on the court.

  4. Jordan left when our coach changed and the program was in huge turmoil. I’ve got no ill-will towards him at all and still consider him to be a “good-guy” in the history of Indiana basketball. So, I like to hear about his accomplishments just like I like to hear about D.J. White, Eric Gordon and so on.

  5. Why would anyone just hand over the video to some lackey that works for Nike and Bron Bron; Are they the video police? I think I might of held on to any footage I had. I’ve also lost whatever respect I had for James, so you got dunked on, won’t be the last time.

  6. ??? ‘Jordon left when our coach changed’; I didn’t know Sampson had reformed, doesn’t sound like it to me.

    I’ll stick with LeBron and take him everyday over Crawford.

  7. Let’s say one of the videos made its way out of the gym. Any guesses as to its worth? Would ESPN run it, or would they cave to LeBron and their NBA interests?

  8. Can we all stop and think about this for a second?

    I think this story is fun and an entertaining quip, but it’s also kind of stupid.

    Lebron is on a court with a bunch of high school basketball players…do we really think he’s going all-out NBA style in a scrimmage against them? If he wanted I’m sure he could reject 75% of their shots from anywhere on the court. The situation was probably more along the lines of Lebron not trying to embarass some kids, and subsequently not expecting one to even TRY dunking over him. That’s probably all that happened. I don’t see Jordan Crawford schooling Lebron down the lane and then posterizing him with a huge dunk if Lebron is actually trying to guard well.

    Just a thought.

  9. I agree with Casey, maybe LBJ wasn’t playing his best when he got dunked on. Same way he was playing when the Cavs were playing against the Magic.

    After the dunk, LBJ probably even didn’t bother shaking Jordan’s hand.

  10. It was a pickup game! To argue about being a Hoosier or not, to call James a baby, or whatever, it really doesn’t matter.
    Has anyone from the H-T seen Ryan Boatright (East Aurora, IL) play this week? He’s 6’2″ and committed to USC while an eighth grader. I know, he’s from Illinois but everyone is concerned about Teague and Irving, why not throw the hat into the ring for Boatright? He’ll be a junior this year. He comes from a school that has some problems but by all accounts his family is keeping him in line. Good family lineage; track, basketball and football.

  11. I don’t really care that much, but Nel, for the record, Lebron averaged 38.5 points, 8 assists and 8.3 rebounds per game in the series vs. Orlando.

    I think that qualifies as a pretty good stat line…

  12. Wow, stfu you cornbread fans, its the middle of summer and this has a connection to IU bball, every IU blog put it up, stop hating on JC so much because he is “ghetto” and go back to drinking yourself to death (while i go get stoned again)

  13. Good for Crawford… even if it’s just fooling around, this probably boosts his confidence for next season.
    I never felt any ill towards JC, I just thought he got a bit too much PT as a frosh here. He was one of the last guys to transfer. Come to think of it, I wish all those players from ’08 well- they didn’t lie to us.

    btw, IU Football fans-really? Not enough coverage of the conference’s worst team for you? I root for the Hoosiers too, but what are you- masochists?

  14. You mind telling me what place the basketball team finished in, Devin? Or tell me how many conference games they won.

    BTW – I just jumped you “IU basketball/ND football” fair weather fans for basketball season tickets. 175 priority points for me, just cause I bought football tickets.

    Would have been a good article, but we’re too busy talking about HS basketball and recruiting (in July) while every other school who “gets it” is getting ready for August football.

  15. Bettor, hate to give bad news but it was 125 pts and you only get them if you renewed which I guess you did. As my wife pointed out, it will only help your seating if others dropped because we all got the points so we cancel each other out. It will help me in a big way cause I got mens bball tickets last year for the first time after a long wait!

  16. J Pat,

    I am guessing that renewals are down this year.

    I also think this could turn into a piece of marketing genius by Fred Glass. I know of 6 people who had not renewed their football tickets (and were probably not going to) who have decided to renew based solely on the bonus points awarded for renewals. These are the kind of people that will be in their seat if they fork out the money for tickets. More revenue, larger attendance.

  17. JPat – MikeP, Got my 125 also. Surely fball tickets are slow, but I think FGlass is really trying to be creative in promoting the program. As always I am skeptical about our coaching situation, but I will continue to support, and MAYBE this year I can finally get out of the balcony.

    JCrawford??? (yawn) whatever.

  18. TMZ had claimed they have the video (I really hope they do) and will air it tonight at 6:45.

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