UPDATE: TMZ (and others) apparently has video of everything that ever happened

4:55 p.m. UPDATE: Well, that was underwhelming.

Ebaum managed to get video better than TMZ’s grainy cell phone shot, and already put it online.

What you see is that Crawford not so much dunked on LeBron, but next to him.


Including Jordan Crawford’s dunk on LeBron James.

Video to be released at 6:45 tonight.


  1. That was a let down. Both wearing black jerseys, against a black background, from a couple hundred feet away. Maybe now that it’s out Nike will release a clean copy & spin it in their favor.

  2. Yeah, I hear you. It sounded like a not such a big deal thing when it happened. I mean, yeah, cool for JC to dunk on LeBron, but the thing that made it a THING was Nike’s behavior. Outside of that, it was some guys shooting hoops, and one made a move. (Unless, of course, you’re Jordan Crawford. Then, it was totally a big deal.)

  3. L. James came over to cover/help on the dunk. If JC was one on one with King James then great, but JC slipped into the lane because these AAU games have no D, only occasional help D which is usually late.

  4. That was it??…James got beat to the lane. People were making it sound like James was blocking the lane, and Crawford jumped over James for the dunk.

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