Williams, game two

CINCINNATI — Here’s the good news — David Williams played much better in the second game of the Adidas It Takes Five tournament.

Bad news? There really is no bad news. The Atlanta Celtics lost, 108-94, to the Michigan Mustangs, but that is a stout AAU team. You should not be ashamed to lose to that team, and the Celtics were out of the game because of some serious ball-hogging and street-balling.

Williams continued to be very active on defense, setting up in the middle of the floor as the Celtics tried to use a full-court press to get themselves back in the game.

Williams’ first basket came with 7:14 left in the first half, when he took a feed in the low post on a fast break. He scored on the next possession, putting back a miss.

He also made a deep jump shot, and was 4-of-4 from the free-throw line.

He rebounded the ball well, though I did not keep numbers for that.

Williams said afterward that he was just trying to run the floor more in the second game, and created offensive opportunities after that.

Indiana assistant coach Bennie Seltzer watched the first half of the game, and was then joined by Tom Crean. Crean stayed until the game was out of reach, before moving to another court.

I am writing a story for tomorrow’s Herald-Times about Williams. I’ll post a link when it’s online.


  1. Nice to finally hear something positive about this kid… It was stated and restated multiple times on the last thread, but at this point there’s really nothing to do as a fan except trust CTC’s judgement here. After all the grumbling and muttering about his verbal, this is at least semi-encouraging. Thanks for the reporting, Hugh.

  2. CTC is known to be a good recruiter !! Let’s give him a chance to “do his thing !” I’m from the south side of Chicago and I never heard of Dwayne Wade until his Senior year !! Let’s give Williams a chance !!

  3. Tom crean is not a good recruiter he had wade basically given to him.wade doesn’t have good relationship w crean or many of his former players;like diener who played for pacers and never came to support him.

  4. As I wrote in my column for tomorrow, I think Crean sees Williams fitting in as something other than a primary scorer. His defense is strong and in general he makes good decisions. Williams’ assistant called him a “garbage man,” and I could see that coming true. He’s not nearly as active or skilled as Jamarcus Ellis, but he has plenty of time to develop into a player who finds ways to help.

    Ultimately, they can’t all be Marquis Teague. There’s only so much ball to go around. That, and somebody needs to go get the ball (at both ends). There’s a chance Williams becomes a guy who excels at that.

    Really it’s far too early to judge much about Crean’s recruiting methods at IU. He threw together two classes and seemed to have done well under the circumstances. He snared what most consider a top 10 class — the incoming freshmen — by appealing to three kids with strong ties to the state (Hulls, Elston and Capobianco) and three kids who probably weren’t priorities for the other top programs recruiting them. All in all, a savvy job performed under the most trying of circumstances.

    Right now, it is simply unrealistic to expect Crean to recruit the way the coaches at the other “name” programs do. What elite players want is to be assured that they will get a chance to play and beat the elite when championships are on the line. Right now, Indiana cannot offer that the way Michigan State, Ohio State, Kentucky and others can.

    Which means Crean will have to be creative in filling his roster. Obviously, he likes what Williams does well now and sees the potential for him to do other things well in the future.

  5. Mr. Fire Crean: Is that bad relationship with Crean the reason DWade wore IU shorts in one of his commercials? Write something you know about. Your post was just a low/no info flame.

  6. Your post was just a low/no info flame.

    If I was guessing, not only is it what you stated, but was posted to get a reaction from people on this board in the manner you did.

  7. Fire Crean, you’re an idiot. D. Wade just filmed a commercial wearing IU basketball shorts. That doesn’t seem to indicate a strained relationship between former coach and player/s. As for D.Wade being handed to CTC, maybe, maybe not. I do know he wasn’t highly reruited out of HS in Chicago and went to Marquette as a prop 48. Since you obviously aren’t very smart, I’ll explain those two things to you. Not many saw D. Wades value except CTC, very few offered a scholly. When he did get to Marquette all he could was practice for a year and get better under CTC’s knowledge of the game, which allowed him to go pro after his Jr. season. It’s easy to look at D. Wade now and say he must have been a top 10 guy out of HS, he wasn’t, he was a prop 48 that flew under the radar until his senior year. Outside of the grades, maybe CTC sees something similar in David Williams. Fire Crean, You’re etiher a Puke fan or someone still bitter over the firing of Coach Knight. You really should move on.

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