Zeller gains more offers

Cody Zeller, the 6-foot-9 Washington junior with the Mr. Basketball-winning brothers, has more scholarship offers to report.

Purdue, Iowa and Butler have all offered the younger brother of Luke and Tyler.

Indiana was the first to offer Zeller, and had been the only one for quite some time.

Zeller said it is still early in the process, and he’s wide-open, but will start to narrow down the list after the July AAU evaluation season is over.

North Carolina and Wake Forest are also interested. Tyler is a sophomore with the Tar Heels.

UNC coach Roy Williams was among the litany of college coaches in attendance during Zeller’s Indiana Elite One team’s second game on Monday during the Adidas It Takes 5ive Classic.

Indiana assistant Tim Buckley, Floriday’s Billy Donovan and Richard Pitino, Minnesota’s Tubby Smith, Duke assistant Chris Collins, Arizona’s Sean Miller, Michigan’s John Beilein and Wisconsin assistant Gary Close were among the coaches in attendance.


  1. Hopefully if we really want this kid it won’t have expended too much recruiting capital to only have an assistant at the game with so many other high profile head coaches there. I know Crean can’t be everywhere so I assume this was prioritized appropriately.

  2. Kids also notice when the school sends an assistant and the head coach isn’t there.

    UNC coach Roy Williams was among the litany of college coaches in attendance, Floriday’s Billy Donovan, Minnesota’s Tubby Smith, Arizona’s Sean Miller, and Michigan’s John Beilein all were there. All are head coaches showing interest.

    Maybe Crean was too busy tanning or going after some other no star from Alabama to attend this event. Or maybe, as Jim says, Zeller just isn’t a priority.

  3. With just two scholarships for 10 and 11, it’s going to get very interesting.

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