1. I can’t see it either. Does it say, “125 years of IU Football – 3.5 wins per season”?

  2. Internet Explorer is c*r*a*p. Switch to Firefox if you are unlucky enough to have a PC instead of a Mac.

    IU Alum- Have we really averaged 3.5 wins a year? That is shockingly high. Take out the non-conference games and that figure should level out around 0.9-1.1 wins a year.

  3. Strangely enough, bitching and moaning about the football team doesn’t get us wins either…

  4. Hmm, well, let’s see, 1 Rose Bowl in 125 years. That means we can fairly expect another one by the year 2134. Yes, I’m so fired up now!!!

    I do think the new facilities will help the program though, so perhaps we can start appearing in other bowls with some regularity.

  5. bhss73: 140 wins? Huh?

    Overall, IU is averaging 3.5 wins versus 4.8 losses a season over 125 years in all games (0.426), and in conference play it’s 1.8 wins vs 4.0 losses a season (0.312). Not stellar by any means, but not as bad as you are suggesting either.

  6. Also from IU Football’s 125 years:

    172 NFL players
    1 Pro Football Hall of Famer
    6 College Football Hall of Famers
    1 Antwaan Randle El
    1 Anthony Thompson
    1 George Taliaferro
    1 Lou Saban

    Would it be nice to win more games? Of course it would. But if all you do is rag on the team because of their record, without celebrating all the greatness the program has produced, you should go root for the black-and-brown douches up in Tip-a-new-cow County. Their program has more wins, but it also has players who think highlights are a still good look for males in 2009. If you decide to move up there, be sure to take an attractive woman, because they don’t have those in West Lafayette. Hence the whole “animal husbandry” thing.

  7. IU All Time record All Games:

    1087 Games, Won 441, Lost 602, Tied 44 – 0.426

    441/125 years = 3.528 wins per season

    IU All Time Big Ten record:

    660 Games, Won 194, Lost 442, Tied 24 – 0.312

    194/108 years in Big Ten = 1.796 wins per season

  8. GREAT looking patch for the 125th anniversary of a great program — YES, I said a great program. At least they are trying to build the team & the program. It’s more than I can say about the folks on this comment page with the negative comments. The season hasn’t started yet..give them a chance will ya? If you don’t have something nice to say then — don’t comment at all!! I agree with swampy.

  9. Sorry- I guess I was adding wrong, but its good to know that in 108 yrs of B10 football, we have yet to achieve 200 wins…….

    I have yet to figure out what there is to celebrate,…. this year and next will be no different than the other 124….. Last OUTRIGHT B10 title?


  10. Feel free to support ND if the number of B10 wins isn’t enough for ya. Gawd knows too many IU basketball fans do.

    On the other hand, IU football certainly could use more fans, so if you don’t mind going through some growing pains, come out to Memorial Stadium, and enjoy the experience.

  11. Swampy, that was one of the funniest posts I’ve ever seen on this board. ‘Animal husbandry’–injure myself laughing!!!

  12. I’m a fan for life, but I don’t believe in being a co-dependent facilitator of low standards and perennial neglect, ala Jimmy, Aruss, and Ricky… If “ragging on” the football team doesn’t help the team win games, nor does the “blind love” approach whereby you don’t confront the program’s severe ineptitude.

    This year, I want to see three Big 10 wins, including a ‘surprise’ win where we beat someone we shouldn’t (Wisconsin would be great – they own us like nobody’s business) That is my criteria for a legitimate improvement, and if it happens, I’ll gladly tone down my criticism of Bill Ferrell, I mean, Lynch…

  13. I’m choosing to go to support the young men who want to perform well AND would like to have fans in the stands AND are excited about a new sesason. I know I’m new to IU and a mother so I see things differently BUT the player we follow is excited about this year and says the guys are focused and ready to play AND hate to loose more than the other grumpy people out there.

  14. Good, I like hearing insider info…it seems like more than a few people are cautiously optimistic…Korman did a nice piece in the HT recently that had me excited…

    “hate to loose more than the other grumpy people out there.”

    #1 most commonly misspelled word on the blogs:

    lose. v. To fail to win; fail in: lost the game; lost the court case.

    loose. adj. Not fastened, restrained, or contained: loose bricks.

    Let’s get this one straight, people.

  15. Thanks for the grammer lesson…ummm spell check wouldn’t have helped!! Hate making a statement then spelling it wrong!!!! Won’t make the mistake twice!

  16. It’s easy to be an IU basketball fan. Granted, not always real easy in recent memory, but in general. Storied program, championships, success, sell-outs, biggest thing in town. And, I love IU basketball.

    IU football, on the other hand, takes more of a commitment. A little more moxy, if you will. Those 25K who continue to show up at Memorial Stadium over the past many years with few bright moments; they’re the most loyal among us. Frustration and despair have been more common than taking down goal posts or otherwise celebrating. And, I love IU football.

    I’ll get over the fact that our history is probably less impressive than most others. No Heisman winners. Fewer “I” links. Not many bowls. Because we’ve had our moments. Because just think how sweet that Rose Bowl would be; so much sweeter for us than those who’ve been there 25 times. Because hope springs eternally. Because the Hoosiers are my team.

    So, if they aren’t good enough for you, stick with Friday night football on the south side or join the legions of bandwagon OSU or Gator or ND or whomever fans.

    Good article by Bob Hammel on Hoosier football: http://alumni.indiana.edu/magazine/issues/200509/hoeppner.shtml

  17. Korman,

    Can you start a topic with the IU Schedule, where we can discuss what teams should be wins vs. loses. Where we can pull an upset this year, and what people are looking for in terms of improvement. I know everyone has a different idea of what they see as success.

  18. Good idea. It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of the schedule. Like I said, a victory over Wisconsin should be our touchstone; the demon that we must overcome in order to make the step up to the next level. I don’t care how bad Wisc. is supposed to be this year; beating them is akin to Atletico beating Real Madrid, like the Rays beating out the Yankees, like the Clippers beating the Lakers.

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