Crean having knee surgery

Indiana coach Tom Crean has revealed on Twitter that he’ll have surgery today to repair a torn meniscus.

Here are his tweets:

From the Department of better me than any of our players…….I am having knee surgery today.

For those that were asking me why I was limping, now we know. A MRI I had on Tuesday revealed a torn meniscus in my right knee

I have no idea what caused it but all the running Jayd Grossman and J.D. Campbell did with me has caught up with me.

OK. Let me interject here. Ever happen to catch a video of yourself on the sideline, coach? All that frantic pacing and stomping and Coke drinking may have had something to do with the injury. Back to the tweets.

I know Dr. Ahlfeld hasnt played for the Hoosiers in awhile but I hope he has good hands and doesnt turn it over under pressure. Lol

No twitpics today. I feel like I am wearing my 4 year old daughters socks and if I never have to wear a hospital gown again it will be okay


  1. Don’t rush the comeback coach or you’ll find yourself stuck to your seat. We need you up and working the sideline like always. Good luck and get well.

  2. If anyone has a source for information from Coach’s anesthesiologist, I’d like to know how much it took to knock him out. I’m guessing about a double elephant-sized dose.

  3. kurk81,

    They probably asked him to talk about his thoughts on the importance of good footwork in incoming recruits, then quickly performed the sugery without anaesthetic and sowed him up before he realized anything had happened.

  4. My guess is that they probably told him no diet coke for 24 hours. Without all of that caffeine he is used to, he probably went to sleep all by himself.

  5. Good Luck with the knee Coach.
    I’m living proof that there is life after knee surgery ;<)

    If he knew he could catch him I bet TC would make that trade.

  6. Kevin,
    I would have my left and right knee operated on for Kyrie…sad, yes, but hey it’s Indiana!!

  7. I was over at the Stadium(on Wed.) checking out the new endzone. Some guy was doing laps around the field with his cell phone glued to his ear.To make it short it was Coach Crean down there….looked fine to me and I’m recouping from my knee too. Good luck coach

  8. Hoosier Fan, your story makes me a little nervous. The last time we were taling about a coach and a phone was not a pleasent time…

  9. I was hoping the Coach’s knee was to be fixed by Bloomington’s Dr. Gregory Fox. He did a terrific job on mine.

  10. Considering we’re talking about knee surgery, this story has some really funny posts! Maybe he was posting up Thad Matta or Matt Painter and tweaked the knee. There, that’s my attempt to add to the humor!

  11. Maybe the guy should learn to coach and quit the ugly cheerleader routine on the sidelines.

    Indiana University. A former feared program.

  12. J.D., I bet Crean would whoop you in a one legged game of HORSE! Afterward, he would dance on you. Call it banti rooster or cheerleader, it motivates the players and MOST fans!

  13. J.D.,

    Yeah, Crean needs to learn how to coach. He’s had absolutely zero success at his previous coaching stops.

    Frankly, it was a fluke that he landed the IU job.

    I mean, seriously, why would anyone hire a coach who averaged 20 wins in nine years at Marquette, went to the postseason six times, won a conference championship, and took the team to only its third Final Four in the last 30 years? What a bunch of idiots!

    Maybe if he stopped pacing the sidelines and openly displaying his passion for the game, he’d start to see some success as a head coach.

    I’m with you, man. Crean needs to learn how to coach.

  14. Casey, that was beautiful. You’re a master of sarcastic understatement and, gasp, the use of facts and logic in your posts!

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