Irving moves into Rivals’ top 10

Kyrie Irving, the New Jersey point guard that has Indiana among his top schools, is the No. 9 overall prospect in the country, according to’s latest 2010 rankings.

Irving was previously the No. 21 overall prospect, but moved up after a strong July.

Irving will visit Indiana and Duke. He is expected to announce three more schools he will visit in the coming days.

Among other Indiana prospects, Stacey Poole is No. 27, Justin Coleman is No. 45 and Moses Morgan is No. 137.

David Williams, Indiana’s lone commit in the class of 2010, is not ranked.


  1. I was not one of the people that jumped Crean for signing Williams so early but to not even crack the list I am wondering! I have read almost nothing positive about his play this summer.

  2. J Pat,

    He’s ranked 107th on this list:

    Honestly, you probably won’t hear much about how great his play is, but it does seem that you won’t hear about his poor ability, either.

    I think Crean sees a player who can fill some gaps, play good defense, and know his role on a team that ideally will have plenty of other players who are high on pure skill.

    And although the rankings are helpful, they’re not everything. I think Crean seeing him in person and envisioning him as someone that would fit our system trumps anything a recruiting website says. I’m actually very intrigued to see how he’s used and how well he plays when Crean gets to coach him how he wants.

  3. J Pat – D. Williams was ranked #107 by Bob Gibbons. Irving was #3 in that ranking. Williams was ranked above recruits for Kansas, Kentucky, Pittsburgh and numerous Purdue recruits – including Donnie Hale.

    Both Jody Demling and the ITH crew (not to mention the THS crew as well) have noticed D. Williams step it up a little bit during games this summer.

    I’m pretty sure Tom Crean’s recruiting record speaks for itself and it’s probably a little early to be second guessing his recruits at Indiana going into his second full year.

  4. Chester, good comments. Demling commented on ONE game only. I do trust Crean but word was he would move up pretty high and that did not happen, all I was saying.

  5. J-Pat, I’d be really interested to know where you heard that D. Williams was supposed to move up the rankings. Every credible source I’ve read didn’t think that was the case but maybe I missed something.

    And D. Williams played in only a handful of games this summer where analysts and coaches were able to see him. I’ll take any positives out of it knowing that he still has a full year to develop before arriving in Bloomington.

  6. Not every great player gets seen and ranked on rivals.
    Just because he’s not a top 50 player doesn’t mean he won’t be great at IU. I’m sure Tom Crean has a reason for getting him.

    He sounds like an excellent complimentary player.
    If we get Irving and keep most of our current players, we aren’t really in need of heavy scorers.

    And if that isn’t enough, just remember that Crean got D Wade when he was basically a nobody.. have some faith

  7. Chester, I like your postive outlook, but IU needs a good proven big man worse tha anything. Speculation from papers like the HT, Indystar and CJ whether it be blog nations or writers were that he was not ranked because he had not been seen and LOST LIKELY after summer tours he would be ranked. Other than the Gibbons you give, he did not enter any rankings. That was all I was saying. Not bashing him or Crean.

  8. Everyone can’t be the star. Look at the Dallas Cowboys last year–too many stars, not enough role players. I’ve got no problem with Williams, he seems to be the type who’s a good support player and he’s an excellent student.

    I think I want Kyrie Irving to come to IU more than I’ve wanted any recruit in several years, maybe even since Eric Montross. Please please please.

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