Knight to be inducted into IU Hall of Fame

As I wrote for Saturday’s paper, the Indiana Athletics Department will induct Bob Knight into its hall of fame this November.

No, he hasn’t committed to coming back. No, he hasn’t expressly said no to his invitation to return.

This move — more than nine years after Knight was fired — is the first major public acknowledgment of the winningest men’s basketball coach in college basketball history by the university where he did most of his winning (and most of his controversy causing).

You may now comment. We’ll obviously have more thoughts on this to come.

To follow this story as it develops, you can refer to our special Bob Knight page.


  1. It’s about time. People either love or hate Coach but there is no denying the on the court success the school enjoyed during his tenure. Congratulations Coach!

  2. Wow, 9 years after coach Knight won so many games, ‘3’ NCAA championships. He ran a clean program, stressed academics and demanded his players attend classes. Never a NCAA investigation probe into misdeeds.
    Now, 9 years later IU finally acknowledges this man?
    Wow, I bet the General can FINALLY rest tonight now that the great IU has extended an invitation to him!

  3. Great news! My hope is he will show up since IU has pretty much cleaned house of the idiots who were running things while he was there.

    The alumni and fans should be able to recognize the void that was left after Coach Knight. Three coaches, too many loses to number, sanctions, lost scholarships and academic failure have followed…. it’s pretty clear what Bob Knight meant to the university.

  4. Bob Knight got what was coming to him and a quick hand extension wasnt going to be the way to go. Things have gone just like everyone expected and its up to Bob if he wants to do something for the fans.

  5. A step in the right direction. Positive action has always meant more to Coach Knight than words. Now that we’ve updated Memorial Stadium let’s be bold and start making plans to install the Branch McCracken Floor below the 5 NC banners in a modern, non-glitzy nor to techie RMK Indiana Fieldhouse holding 24k plus to enhance and showcase basketball the Hoosier way for decades to come.

  6. Coach Knight,
    Come on back, take your bow and enjoy the moment. You deserve it and so do the Indiana faithful.

  7. Good move for Fred Glass and Tom Crean. McRobbie must have signed off on it. Let’s hope Knight says yes, comes back, is civil and Dick Vitale gets over his obsession.

    Bring Steve Downing with him, and get the players from the Knight era standing alongside. Good show.

  8. I’m glad. I hope he comes back for the induction. Surely Crean’s deliberate engagement of Knight’s former players counts for something with Knight. If they encourage him to come back, I would think that would motivate him to do so. That would be a boost to the program, as you know ESPN would have about 75 hours of related coverage.

  9. Is his new pal Woody gonna be there too? Will they both be wearing their sweaters? Has IU paid Coach all the money they owe him? Is it fishing season somewhere? What’s in it for Coach? Is a highlight and lowlight video being prepared? Maybe we could have a carnival atmosphere where fans get to try their skills; name calling, chair throwing, fist pounding, insulting others, being rude, apologizing, coaching how to block out, how to intimidate others, how not to answer the question asked, how to be competitive, etc. Will other Big 10 coaches from that era also be invited? Would they show up? Does Coach C need Bobby’s help this much?

  10. So now that IU has made the first move, what will Bob do? He can ignore the whole thing, he can say snide things or he can forget the past and come to his enshrinement. One way or the other we’ll know where we stand with him and maybe finally find a way to put the Knight wars behind us.

  11. Dave, that’s about the most disproportionately negative post I’ve seen on this message board. Quit worrying so much and enjoy life, man. Take a walk in the park or get a puppy or something, good grief.

  12. I hope and think he will be back. If I remember right, when he was inducted in another hall of fame he said it was more of a tribute to the player than him, so for that reason i think he will come back. I hope.

  13. Jon, why would he be at Midnight Madness? If he shows up to anything, it will be the IU/UW football game.

  14. Knight deserved to be fired.

    He also tried to ruin the program afterwards by telling May to not come here “or else.”

    He’s a bitter old man.

    How people continue to kiss his butt is beyond me.

  15. Laffy,

    3 National Championships without cheating.

    In this day and age, that’s unheard of. Yeah, he was an ass, but he brought IU a lot of success.

    That’s why people “kiss his butt,” and it’s why, like him or not, he has to be in the IU Hall of Fame.

  16. I don’t care if he won 20.

    No excuse to be an aaahole to everyone.

    And his trying to sabotage our program after he left, making sure May didn;t come here, is unforgivable.

  17. Coach Knight didn’t have to make sure May went somewhere besides IU. He wanted to win a National Championship, Mike Davis NEVER had a chance at him!

  18. Jimmy,
    Just dreamin. I would rather see him inducted at AH in fron of a basketball crowd than at a football game. But, I will take what I can get.

  19. If Knight comes back (which I doubt), I’d rather see him (and the rest of the inductees) honored in front of 53,000 instead of 17,000.

  20. Laffy,

    So you don’t think he should be in the Hall of Fame because he wasn’t nice?

    He’s one of the most recognized figures in IU history. Should he be omitted as if he were never here?

    He may have been an “aaaahole” to a lot of people, but he also helped a lot of young men grow up and become disciplined and focused. Look at what his former players say about him.

  21. Sean May was telling EVERYONE he was going to IU….until he and his dad met with Bob. Heck, he even got Bracey and Marshall to follow him here.

    Quit trying to change the facts to cover for your God.

    As far as “helping kids become men”, virtually all of his players were good kids anyway. Most of the “projects” he took never worked out.

    Ask his secretary about having plants thrown at her. Or the hippy he choked. Or Felling when he got knocked to the ground.

    It’s disgusting how people brush that stuff to the side simply because he won some basketball games.

    Sure is funny when black NBA players act like punks, people say they are sickened by it. When Bob does it, however, people make excuses.


  22. The man is a genius. Flawed, but a genius nonetheless. We can either accept him for what he is & all that he contributed to IU, or forever deny our own history & legacy. It is time for Coach Knight to come back home. Solid move by AD Glass in initiating this step. Can you imagine how many former players would be on hand to officially welcome him back to IU? It would be one of the greatest & most powerful moments in IU sports history.

  23. Laffy,

    He should still be in the Hall of Fame.

    That’s my point. No one thinks he’s Mr. Rogers.

    And fine, if most of the kids that he recruited were already good kids, then that already makes him better than 99% of coaches in college basketball today.

    He didn’t take talented players with awful attitudes. He valued character on his team.

    For the last time, yes, he was an ass.

    He should still be in the HOF.

  24. IT IS ABOUT TIME! Are you kidding me. The IU Administration for 9 years has been a complete JOKE. I vowed and many other IU alum that I know, have vowed to NEVER give IU ONE RED CENT until Bob Knight is honored. Not just put in the HOF, but honored by IU naming AH Knight Hall, a statue or street named after him. The IU administration has looked like a bunch of petty juviniles for the past 9 years. This is the RIGHT THING TO DO. IU is the only University on EARTH who hasnt named something after someone who personally raised over 5 Million for it’s Library, graduated 98% of his kids, and has won more basketball games than any Division One Coach in History and brought IU 3 National Titles. It is about time.

  25. I think Bob should be put on Mount Rushmore, the dollar bill and replace Jesus on every cross hanging on every wall in America.

    Then, re-name the State of Indiana after him.

  26. Laffy, you sure have made your point! I would not say I am as big a fan today as I was as a kid. He is what he is. Great coach but arrogant and mean. I do think in the end he did much more good than bad for the future of his players. He is the only coach I remember in my life that I knew for a fact our kids were prepared for the game. I also knew if it came down to the wire he could out coach anyone.

  27. Bob mailed it in his last 6 or 8 years at IU.

    We repeatedly got beat by teams that had no business winning against us.

  28. Laffy, in arguments, and in life, there’s a place called ‘a gray area.’ I believe any assessment of Bob Knight’s conduct and overall record as a person falls within a gray area; it’s not black or white, all good or all bad. Thus I suggest you look at things as they are, not how you want them to be, and in doing so, enjoy your first visit to the gray area.

  29. I do look at things “how they are”, unlike you worshippers who lick Bob’s feet.

    People have done FAR LESS bad things and were CRUCIFIED by the average IU fan.

    But since Bob did it, and won a few Titles, it’s all rationalized away.

    Bunch of hypocrites.

    What amazes me is how many pro athletes are condemned for their prima donna attitudes when so many people bow down to Bob.

    Just because he won some games, they think he can do whatever he wants….all while blasting players who have he same exact attitude.

  30. Laffy, We all get it. You don’t like Bob. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I am happy and it’s about time.
    Now, Laffy, it’s your turn to be and ass and criticize any one who is happy…..
    Thanks for turning this into the Laffy show.
    Are you jealous?

  31. What I find most interesting about Laffy is that he makes all these statements about Knight and May and others. Could he prove any of his claims? This freedom speech thing is great, isn’t it? I wonder how brave old Laffy with be if he had to supply a name,address and phone number. I doubt there are many people who would say they 100% agreed with Knight’s behavior. He’s in the college basketball HOF. Give it a rest Laffy.

  32. Laffy can’t give it a rest because he is a whiny little girl…my guess is that his true identity is Neil Reed. There is no doubt that Bobby could be a jerk at times and didn’t also handle his players the right way, but that was just his way of getting the job done and making the boys into men. He came from Army where there is a little more discipline than the rest of the world, which is likely why he was so tough. I would much rather have Coach Knight on our side than a slimeball like Calipari, Pitino or these other tools. Coach Knight cared about academics, making his players better on the court and off, and winning without cheating, which is what more NCAA coaches need to be focused on and I believe our current coach shares those goals. Losers like Laffy who want to cry about Coach Knight being stubborn and a bully have no life and just sit around staring at the comments section so they can try to start an argument. He doesn’t belong in the IU HOF because he had a short fuse and supposedly ran a player off….please.

    Oh and oh wise one, please tell me who your perfect coach is. I would really love to hear it.

  33. You worshippers never fail to give me a huge laugh.

    Like I said, if someone else is a punk, especially an athlete, you girls will rip that person to shreds.

    But when Bob is 10 times worse, you lick his toes.

    Knight = pathetic excuse for a human being

    His worshippers = even worse

    Now, I’ll let you losers have the last word on it. Be sure to stock up on lotion for the ceremony.

  34. It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to figure out what type of complex Laffy has.

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