Mo Creek says he’s Bloomington-bound

Maurice Creek, the shooting guard who some believe to be the most Division I ready player in the 2009 class, has updated his profile on Facebook to say he’ll be headed to campus Sunday.

He had previously said he’d arrive on Aug. 23, which not coincidentally is the first day freshman can move into the dorms if they pay a little extra money (actual move-in day is Wednesday).

(For an interesting read, check out what had to say when it named Creek a second-team all-star in the higly respected Kenner Summer League.)

Creek and center Bawa Muniru did not join the other four incoming freshmen for the second summer session because they haden’t been ruled academically eligible yet. Muniru, a 7-footer from Ghana by way of Alabama, came to campus two weeks ago to begin working out.

Camps for both players have said that they did what they needed to do to get eligible, and Indiana coach Tom Crean has echoed those sentiments. But no official word on the players has come from the NCAA Eligibility Center.

According to this FAQ from the Eligibility Center, Indiana can request the status of certain players and the NCAA will prioritize its work according to that list.

Still, as the case of Mississippi State’s Renardo Sidney shows, players might not receive academic clearance until right before the start of classes.

Indiana’s classes begin on August 31.

So how worried should you be? Hard to tell. Both Creek and Muniru have extenuating circumstances that could be causing the delay. Creek played at four different high schools and Muniru spent only his high school years in this country (and also shuffled through several schools). Their transcripts, therefore, might be a bit more complicated to figure out.

But certainly no Hoosier fan will rest easy until head coach Tom Crean exlaims (probably via Twitter, with many capital letters) that the final two pieces of a top ten recruiting class will be able to play this year.


  1. I wish there was a IHOP here. Also, hope these kids play this year and have an impact on this season. Go Hoosiers!

  2. Let hope this kid is academically eligible for this year. If so, this could mean the difference in finishing above .500, and luring recruits such as Irving, Teague, and Gilchrist to Bloomington.

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