Moving day


The Indiana football team began its move into its new building Saturday, and photographer Chris Howell was there to capture  the scene.

That’s the weight room you see above. The weights should be arriving any day now. Followed by the players who lift them. Freshmen and transfers report Wednesday. The rest of the team gets here Thursday. Camp begins on Friday.

Click here to see a full photo gallery from today.


  1. Few could or can resist, Scott W. Few could or can.

    My own hypothesis? Given the horseshoe look of the stadium, we’re just taking one more step to make OSU feel at home when they travel from Columbus.

  2. That looks awesome…although the photographer was slightly obsessed with “Billy Lynch’s Brass Spittoon.” Good lord do we need 5-10 pictures of that thing?

  3. Jim,
    I was hoping somone would comment on the excessive pictures of the Spittoon trophy. I thought the point of the slide show was to show fans the new facility, but for some reason we were granted the step by step journey of the trohy to Coach Lynch’s new office. I went back and counted. Final score: pictures of the trophy: 9, new facility 12. I just don’t think the new facility got its due coverage.

  4. The accommodation of smokeless tobacco products was a key element in the design of the facility.

    Too bad we’ll have to wait until Oct. 3 for the official photographs of the new facility to be taken. Only then will the Rock be at full capacity and packed in red (fortunately, scarlet and crimson are virtually indistinguishable when viewed through aerial photos).

    Well played, AaronR.

  5. I understand–sadly–taking pictures during the OSU game. I don’t understand, however, officially dedicating the new building during that game. What should be a joyous, celebratory occasion will take place during a game in which our fans will be outnumbered in our own stadium and we will likely not be in the game.

    Chris, et al, you guys know any of the reasoning for this or care to ask?

  6. The title of the post is “Moving Day”, the body of the text is that IU football is moving into the new building. It wasn’t “New Facility Picture Day”!

    I expected to see pictures of stuff being moved into the new offices. Wow, that’s what I seen.

  7. Mike P,

    I think a lot of people just look for some way to pull negativity from any IU football story. Don’t mind them.

  8. Mike P, you’re statement is moronic. I don’t care if the title of the post is “Port-o-potties.” People want to see pictures of the facility, not pictures of an ugly traveling trophy…..maybe one pic, but not ten of the box traveling from one dull place to another office, etc.

  9. its a nice upgrade, but how are they going to explain all the white space after we have another losing season? no excuses ater this year.

  10. Hey gang,

    Thanks for taking a look at the photos I made of the north end zone facility. It was fun getting to walk around and make pictures the new facility as moving and construction crews completed their work.

    I thought it would be fun to show the facility as well as show the work being done. That is why there are several photos of the spittoon on the move.

    I happened to be there at the time the movers were in Billy’s old office and thought it would be a cute addition to the web gallery to playfully show it’s progress through the move. My apologies to those of you that feel a little slighted by my attempt at being cute. Enjoy.

  11. white space=empty grandstands, Jimmy.

    I think the new section won’t look terribly awful, since all of the club seats are apparently sold (how many of those folks will stay inside for the buffet in the Hall o’ Champs?), and the band will take up a good bit of the area in front of the club seats.

    As Mr. Glass pointed out, you can only do so much with the stadium; winning fills seats. I think they’re on the right track with the facility, now we just need the results on that green bit in the middle of it.

  12. Ahh, my bad. I figured he meant something on the inside, since the seating bowl is pretty much gray and crimson.

  13. “Great start to an 8-4 season!”

    I have just copied and pasted these apocalyptic words by Aruss into my weapons cache, which I will dip into after we lose our 5th straight Big 10 game to start conference play…

  14. HuskyTom,

    I really hope Aruss is right and we have an 8-4 season.

    Weapons cache? Seriously? Do you really need a weapons cache when it comes to Aruss? He gives you fresh ammo everytime he makes a post.

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