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Kyrie Irving, the No. 9 player in the class of 2010 according to, announced the six schools he’s still considering today.

Indiana was included. But you already knew that, since Irving announced earlier that he will visit IU and Duke.

This at least gives you — and IU coaches — some context with which to frame the process ahead. In the video below, Irving once again says he’s only sure he’ll visit the those same two schools.

So, I ask you what somebody asked me in our live discussion on Thursday: How do you recruit Irving if you’re the IU staff? How do you counter Coach K — the current USA Olympic coach — and all that Duke has come to mean during Irving’s lifetime?


  1. Kyrie ‘Smooth Assassin’ Irving

    “Now for your Indiana Hoosiers. Starting at guard, #4, Kyrieeeeeeeee Irrrrrrviiiiiinnnnngggggg!”

    Kyrie, what can I say? We need you in Bloomington.

  2. Irving said it in the interview, listen to it again. I know it was Seaton Hall and UConn, I think Georgia Tech was in there, but I am not sure about the final one. Possibly Kentucky.

  3. Well, we can tell him that unlike UConn or Kentucky our National Championship with him won’t be voided by the NCAA. And that if he plays for us instead of Duke, Dicky V won’t leave those embarrassing lipstick marks on his rear end.

  4. Kurk, you leave the best posts. I nearly spat coffee on my keyboard when I read about the Dickie V lipmarks!!!

    Thanks for the info, Chuck. You were right.

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