The sound you hear is Michigan circling the wagons

The Detroit Free-Press reported this weekend that the Michigan football program broke NCAA rules limiting the number of hours of mandatory practice. Today, Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez spoke about it. Below is video from that press conference.

Michigan athletics director Bill Martin told that the university may hire an outside firm to assist in the investigation. Michigan, it should be noted, has never been put on probation for its football program.


  1. Rodriquez is done. The poor opening season and now these accusations from his own players.

  2. I tell you what… I’d rather have a coach who works his players too hard than a coach who admits defeat before games are played.

  3. Looks like Rodriguez will be the Kelvin Sampson of the Michigan football program. The NCAA better punish Michigan Football program like it did Indiana Basketball. By the way, it is a complete joke how the NCAA let Calipari completely off the hook for the Memphis violations – hmmm, don’t they remember his similar sins at UMASS?

  4. To paraphrase Jerry Tarkanian: The NCAA is so mad at Michigan, they’ll put Cleveland State on probation.

    I think I remember mentioning how RR was not a Michigan Man.

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