1. its a poor choice of picture IMO, and only invites poor taste comments. get these kids on the field practicing, whos “idea” was this? lynch?

  2. First of all, you realize the team can only practice for a certain amount of time, right?

    Also, I’m amazed at the things people come up with to complain about…I mean really, they’re helping students move in. This is bad, how?

  3. Great job by the Hoosier Football Team. It ONLY invites poor taste comments if you’re negative and don’t like to see the good in people.
    My hat — er I mean… helmet off to the Gridiron Hoosiers, for what they did OFF the field!! It’s wonderful to see young men (& women) put others FIRST, that was very Christ-like. Go Hoosiers!!!

  4. the other thing is that this exposes students to…oh, i dunno…THE FOOTBALL TEAM! The more students these guys can establish contact with, the more invested the kids become in the team. The guys were in uniform and walking all over the place today, which was nice to see.

  5. Come on already….do we constantly have to complain? We need a fan base right? Get the players involved…friends want to see friends play. What a perfect way to encourage new freshman to be a part of the IU experience. That is what college is about….the total experience; for the players as well and all IU students. I think it’s great and again the team can only practice a certain amount of time.

  6. What’s the problem here? Big strong guys are always helpful when moving, and of course they didn’t mind talking to women. That’s part of college. They’re standing in the hallway talking, good grief people, don’t be prudish.

  7. I’m sorry I missed the deleted post, it must have been something.

    I agree with everybody supporting the players here. Its good to go out amongst the peoples to help and promote. They can’t be practicing all the time.

  8. Some of you uptights need to lighten up! Don’t take every stupid comment seriously.

  9. GFDave,
    You didn’t miss anything worthwhile or entertaining, it was short, vulgar and demeaning to the ball players.

    I’ve got a daughter over there right now, and if the football guys would have been handy to help carry boxes in, they would certainly have been welcome help!

    Go Hoosiers!

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