Adkins back to corner, DTs shuffled

Indiana released a revised depth chart and injury report Tuesday night that revealed a few changes.

Cornerback Donnell Jones, who was listed as questionable with a hamstring injury earlier in the week, is now out. Sophomore Chris Adkins, who had been practicing at safety, has been moved to corner. Adrian Burks will be his backup. Fifth year senior Matt Kurz is now listed as the backup strong safety.

The defensive tackle spots saw a lot of shaking up. Junior Jarrod Smith, who was not on the depth chart Friday, now has one of the starting spots. Redshirt freshman Larry Black, Jr., who was a backup, is the other starter. Redshirt freshmen Nicholas Sliger and Mick Mentzer went from starters to backups, and freshman Adam Repogle is still on the depth chart, listed as a third-stringer.

True freshman Edward Wright-Baker is listed as quarterback Ben Chappell’s backup, denoting that coach Bill Lynch may be wiling to burn his redshirt. True freshman wide receiver Duwyce Wilson is also on the depth chart as a backup wide receiver. He replaces Max Dedmond, who was shifted back to backup tight end behind Brian Zematis. Returning starter Troy Wagner is surprisingly off the depth chart.

Redshirt freshman Marc Damisch will start in place of injured left guard Justin Pagan. Redshirt freshman Chris Ahlfeld will be his backup.


  1. Yeah, baby, let’s get it on! Can’t wait to hit B-Town tomorrow for the game! Took a half day of work so I’ll be in LOT 10 by 3pm at the latest! Let the food taste great and the beer go down smooth! After that, I can’t wait for kickoff and to finally see the completed stadium project! It seems like yesterday it was only a dirt spot where the bleachers were ripped out! GO HOOSIERS!!!

  2. Mike W, you will be really impressed with the entire stadium, not just the endzone. Have fun, I am excited too and will get there about 5:00. I am scared about the corner and tackle position on D but you never know. GO IU!!!

  3. J Pat:

    Thanks for the input about the rest of the stadium! I’m looking forward to seeing it now too! Was any of the old part of the stadium’s refurbishing done before the Fall Scrimmage? I was at the Spring Scrimmage, but I missed the Fall one a few weeks ago.

    Anyway, I’m really interested to see the new look Hoosiers AND to hopefully have a running game that doesn’t run up the middle every other play! Last year was SO predictable. I thought Steve up couple rows behind me was going to lose his headphones a few times! LOL

  4. Mike P, me too!

    Mike W, I took my daughter to ride her bike about 2 weeks ago and that is when I noticed the painting being done, ladders scaffold and such. The appearance is so nice with bright red paint in new places. My favorite is the huge IU logos above the ship guns! I went to the new endzone again on Monday and there are several plasma screens in the breezeways all around the concession area. It is NICE!!!

  5. oh, they were lining the kids zone turf on Monday and I noticed the posts that hold the jumbotron up are candy striped…neat!

  6. J PAT:

    WOW!!!! All that sounds great! Thanks for the info. I appreciate it!!! It’s making even more excited to get down there tomorrow!!! I can’t wait to see it all!

    I remember Fred Glass saying a couple weeks ago he wanted the new part of the stadium to flow into the old part almost seamlessly. So, I’ve been real interested the last couple of weeks to know how that turned out!

    Thanks, again!

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