A return to the Insight Bowl?

That’s what Mark Schlabach of ESPN is predicting this week.

Indiana needs three  more wins to become bowl-eligible. With week six opponent Virginia sitting at 0-3, it seems probable that Indiana will sweep its non-conference schedule. That means the Hoosiers would need to pick off two Big Ten teams.

It’s important to note that Schlabach has Northwestern going to the Little Ceasars Pizza Bowl (formerly known as the Motor City Bowl), which means he thinks Indiana would finish ahead of the Wildcats (or at least win head-to-head and own the tie-breaker).

By the way: has anyone had Little Ceasars pizza this decade?


  1. Yes, they are everywhere in OH. Im not sure how they survived, but they do exist. Boy, I remember when they were big in Bloomington. PIzzapizza

  2. UVA has a bye this week. They started the season with a new spread offense and were just horrible in it. I watched portions of a replay of their first game. Couldn’t run, couldn’t pass, the fans booed. Reminded me of us last year, except their qb is bigger, but slower than Lewis.

    They started changing away from some of the spread before the Southern Miss game. They say they will continue to make changes as they head into the game at North Carolina on Oct 3. They could be 0-4 by the time we play them, but they might be a little better on offense.

    Never once had Little Ceasar’s in Bloomington.

    From previous thread: Korman: Gavin MacLeod, who played Captain Stubing on the Loveboat, also played Oddball’s (Donald Sutherland) cranky tank mechanic Moriarty in Kelly’s Heroes.

  3. Kornman
    Have you been sniffing something
    Talking bowls is so premature – yeah it was someone else who said it. But then you repeat it, shame on you – no original thought!

    Let’s see whtat the next three games bring IU – then we can talk the bowl talk (or not).

  4. I’m going to go sniff some Little Caesars, now that I know it’s there.

    Also, I feel no shame in providing links on a web log. I think that might even actually be the point.

  5. Three victories – 2 over cupcake schools and 1 over a wounded middle-of-the-road mid tier program, does not make one a ‘Bowl’ team

  6. A. Its Korman’s blog, so he can talk about what he wants.

    B. Are you suggesting WMU is a “cupcake”? Really?

  7. 1969 – Little Caesars – East 3rd. It wasn’t the best in town but it was cheap and convenient. Lived at Colonial Apartments (I think that was the name).
    Don’t make too much fun of it, the guy, Ilich?, owns the Detroit Tigers.

  8. Little Caesers just opened up in my hometown. Haven’t had it yet. We surely are not going to the Insight Bowl this year.

  9. There used to be a Little Caesars right down on Kirkwood and one in ellettsville. I miss Noble Romans though.

  10. Down in Atlanta they are popping up and have a anytime large cheese or pepperoni pizza for 5 bucks… not a bad deal.

    I would say they still have 6 chances of pulling out the 3 wins needed for a bowl game.
    VA, IL, Northwestern,WI, and Purdue.

  11. Got one up in Goshen. Haven’t tried it though — when it comes to cheap pizza, I’m a Cici’s man, through and through.

  12. popping up all over indy area also… after w.mich game came back to greenwood and got 2 pizzas for 10 bucks.. great munchies..
    although sunday was a lil rough…

  13. Fort Wayne has a bunch of Little Caesar’s in it. 5 bucks for a large pizza is pretty good by my standards 🙂

    I don’t know what to make of this team. I think this Michigan game will tell us a lot about where Indiana is compared to the rest of the big Ten.

  14. “With week six opponent Virginia sitting at 0-3, it seems probable that Indiana will sweep its non-conference schedule.”

    Probable??? You meant to say possible. I hope you’re right, but beating a major conference team on the ROAD is never something we can ever expect, no matter what the win-loss record says.

  15. It’s not too late to get tickets for the Virginia game and there are still rooms available in Charlottesville. The Virginia and North Carolina IU Alumni Associations are having a Friday night drinks and eats party on the 9th and a Saturday tailgate party before the game. IU seats are ground level in the south end zone but fairly good at that. Should be a good weekend trip. Don’t count us out of a bowl game yet. GO HOOSIERS!

  16. Little Caesar’s is making a comeback in the Indy area too. I know of at least two of them on far Westside where I live. I did have some of their pizza a year ago and didn’t think it was all that great. Although, I don’t think it really ever was, it was their crazy bread that was awesome! LOL Here I am talking about pizza on a football blog! WTF?! LMAO

  17. Little Caesar’s is pretty much equivalent to a Tombstone or Red Baron, in terms of quality. But it’s hard to beat $5 for a large pizza. Drink enough beer with it, and you hardly even notice the lack of taste.

    If IU can continue to improve the way they did from Week 2 to Week 3, we will become bowl eligible. NW is a good chance for a win, as are Virginia, Illinois, Purdue, and Wisconsin.

    Insight Bowl would be great. Went out there a couple years ago for the game against Ok St. Sucked to lose the game, but it was a great time out there. More IU fans showed up than I expected.

  18. Hard to believe a team could win only 2 conference games and still make it to a bowl. Quite pathetic, really. Even the 3 conference wins that got us to the last bowl was borderline; the subsequent blowout by Ok. St. was indicative of our lack of belonging.

    I say we shoot higher, and talk about 3-4 conference wins as a goal. I could care less about the Virginia game; give me Illinois, NW, Purdue, and Wisconsin, and I’ll be convinced that this ship is finally righted.

  19. Husky,

    6 wins, is 6 wins, is 6 wins, no matter how you add them up or who it is you beat.

    I agree with that 2-6 in conference shouldn’t be a bowl team, but that is the policy as it is set now. I would love to see the NCAA go to a .500 or better in conference winning percentage in order to be bowl eligible.

    I think this would lead to some better out of conference games as teams would schedule a couple tougher OOC games to prepare them better for the conference if they know 2-6 or 3-5 in their respective conferences wouldn’t give them a bowl bid.

  20. I could not coach football and I am learning a lot from you guys. I do however remember things. There was a lot of talk the past couple of years about how Ron Zook, the Illinois coach, was a role model for how to turn a team around and that IU should have looked for someone like him instead of Lynch. His team records were 2-9 in 2005, 2-10 in 2006,9-4 in 2007,5-7 in 2008 and now 1-1 in 2009. I have read several postings on this site and others, suggesting that Illinois could be someone we could beat. So much for Zook being a role model. He is going
    backwards. I always wanted my basketball teams and my coaching skills to strive to always get better. Sure I had my share of ups and downs in coaching High School Basketball but
    my players worked their butts off and I couldn’t go and recruit players like you can in College. I had to deal with what I had. My point is, in College sports, you best be careful about what you ask for, because you might just get it. Sorry this was so long.

  21. ronb-

    good points, and I was one of the guys who gave Zook as an example. The jury is still out on him, but let me say this: He beat Ohio State, on the road. He went to the friggin’ Rose Bowl. He won 9 games in a season.

    You can’t do that without being a pretty good coach. If IU could have one, ONE year like that, people around here would go ape Sh*&%t, and the program would gain huge momentum, even if the one season came between 3-9 seasons.

    It’s the taste of success that gets fans in to the stands and big recruits to sign. If given a choice between a Zook-like record and a Lynch-like record of 2 to 3 win seasons with one 3-5 conference season where we get blown out in a bad bowl game, I’ll take the Ronny Way any day.

  22. Husky, You misunderstood and I was worried others would also.
    I am not a Lynch guy. I was just saying if Lynch can’t keep IU on an
    improving pattern then when IU goes to get a new coach they best
    be careful who they pick.

  23. The Zook case is interesting. I think his hiring was very well received both in Illanoy and elsewhere. He has had good success. I also think the BCS system failed them by promoting them into a Rose Bowl that they had no business being in. Ohio State should have been in the Rose Bowl game and Auburn(??) should have been in the championship game.

    Now we are seeing if the guy can sustain a program, something he wasn’t around long enough at Florida to do.

  24. Illinois BEAT Ohio State that year IN Columbus. I can’t overstate how impressive that should be, especially to an IU fan. A team that was 1-11 the previous year improved so much in one year that they beat close to the best football program in America on their own turf.
    It may take IU another 50 years to win a game of the same magnitude. This Saturday is definitely one of those games. Can we do it? I don’t know. I sure as hell hope so. Zook, though, had experience at a major division I, where he went 23-14. Lynch’s paltry pedigree certainly doesn’t portend a major upset of that caliber anywhere.

    Fingers crossed.

  25. Jpat, if we make the insight bowl, I’ll be happy to meet you both there, and buy both meals!

    These guys have already won more games than I thought they would, and no injuries really yet….maybe it’s ok to dream a little?

    Go Hoosiers!!

  26. It amazes me that the HT censors a post b/c I called something “shippy”…with two t’s of course…well I think the HT is really, really shippy!!!

  27. bz,

    Why, exactly, would that amaze you? What could possibly give you any indication that it would be OK to use that word on this blog?

    Just have some common decency. There’s absolutely no need for that language here.

  28. Thank you master of all things politically correct. I guess free speech in our free country would give me an indication that I could go on a blog that I pay for and write what I want. I wasn’t attacking anyone, didn’t call anyone a name, didn’t even say anything about the HT..I called a Tombstone pizza..shippy..I mean you guys sure are serious for a newspaper that can only seem to put together a 5-10 page paper. Boy, the HT continues to slide downhill…it’s no wonder why I see so many people with Indy Star subscriptions!

  29. I think you should really work on reporting important news and actually try to be a good journalist. I think most of the sports articles I read in the IDS seem to be better researched and overall, a much better read than the ship that you write. The HT used to have talented sports writers! It’s too bad that have lowered their standards over the years!

  30. Lastly, can you please show me somewhere on “The Hoosier Scoop” where it gives what you can and can’t post here?

  31. bz,

    1st, if you pay money for a FREE blog, well that is your own stupidity.

    2nd, the word you used, that is unacceptable on a family oriented sports blog.

    3rd, freedom of speech does not give you the right to say anything you want at any time. This blog gives all of us the freedom to post what you want in a civil manner.

    4th, I have a 10 year old son who is a regular reader of The Scoop and of the comments. Would you use that language in front of me and my son? For your sake, I would hope you had better judgment and common courtesy than that!

    Now, act like you have some common sense before you come on her shooting off your mouth via the keyboard.

  32. I love how people constantly throw out “freedom of speech!” on the internet. This is a privately owned blog, so the H-T can determine what is acceptable. Start your own blog if you want.

    Also, this is a free blog.

  33. Haha, jokes on you guys. I just wanted to see what sort of response I could get by writing about something totally ridiculous. You do make a great point Mike P….one of the very few I have ever seen from you. I definitely would not want for young kids to think it is cool to say those type of words. I was only joking about paying for this blog, but essentially everyone that has an HT subscription and uses the HT website PAYS for this blog indirectly. I mean does Korman not get paid to write on here..is he a volunteer? Anyway, thanks for commenting on nonsense..definitely shows me how many people on here that can’t provide a bit of insight on Hoosier sports!!

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