Carlino eligible to play for Bloomington South

Matt Carlino has been declared eligible to play basketball for South this season.

The Indiana High Schools Athletics Association (IHSAA) told both South and the Carlino family of its decision Friday morning, ending a process that lasted throughout the summer.

“I thought it was a long, drawn-out process for a case that was black and white,” South coach J.R. Holmes said. “They moved and it was nothing athletically involved from our standpoint.”

Carlino, a junior, moved to Bloomington in late May from Gilbert, Ariz.

He’s a 2011 verbal commitment to Indiana and coach Tom Crean, but his family has said he is moving because the Carlinos have grown to love Bloomington.

“You know, the overriding factor on all this is literally how much Matt and myself and the rest of the family loves Bloomington,” Carlino’s father, Mark, said in May. “People in those parts might find that funny because they want to come to warm weather like we have. But every time we go there we are sad to go home. Pretty much the driving force behind all of this is our affection for Bloomington, Indiana.”

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