Crean talks directly to you

Well, Indiana coach Tom Crean has come up with another way to talk directly to you, the fans: Twitter video.

Let’s just say this is way more than 140 characters. During a monologue that lasts more than six minutes, Crean talks about:

— How individual workouts are going.

— Jordan Hulls has been slightly hobbled by an ankle. The coaching staff has loved, so far, how he listens to direction and really heeds what he is being told to do.

— Some of the freshmen (Bawa Muniru, Christian Watford and Bobby Capobianco, he names by name) have to learn how to work “at this level.”

— Muniru apparently wears a sport coat and necktie to class each day. You should not make fun of him for that.

— Of the returners, Verdell Jones has completely changed his game; Matt Roth needs to make more outside shots; and Tom Pritchard needs to lose weight and release his jumper on his way up, not on his way down.


  1. This guy is at the right place at the right time in history. He’s gonna do big things and take us right along with him. I love it.

  2. I loved this! He is getting great players but also great kids! Checkout the Washington post video interview with VO he is going
    to be a good one also. How often will Coach do these?

  3. El Duderino,

    Perhaps Roth may benefit from playing with more naturally gifted athletes, though.

    He can obviously make shots from outside — when he’s wide open and has time. His problems last year surfaced mostly from the fact that he’s simply not athletic enough to get open on his own.

    Ideally, with guys like Watford, Creek, and Jones cutting to the basket more, Roth will find more open looks as defenders converge on someone else.

    If we can use him that way, I think he’ll have a nice supporting role on the team. We’ll see though.

  4. F’n awesome. Honest assessments & interesting insights. I’d love to see this every week/bi-weekly. How ’bout the Scoop steal a page from his play book & drop some Twitter vids?!

  5. The guy is obviously another Lee Corso. Scary in a way, no? I can see him in 30 years, doing a pre-game show, putting on a Purdue Pete head. Let’s just hope that he lasts a little longer and wins more post-season games than Lee.

  6. Chronic,

    We’ve done this for our high schools coverage for some time now, using the webcams we have installed in each of our office computers and laptops. Chris, Dustin and I also did one after the Eastern Kentucky game.
    But it’s certainly something we can do more of, and probably should.

  7. I was there for the Corso years and I don’t see much similarity between Crean and Lee. Corso was something of a clown and a comedian, trying to hold our attention with his act. Crean, to me, isn’t doing that. I will say both men are outgoing.

  8. Hugh,
    Anything that gives you an excuse to keep rockin’ your hat collection! I did see the EKU vid & really enjoyed it. I like the way the medium showcases your individual personalities & provides contextual clarity to your commentary. Keep it up & let’s drop some more Hoosier knowledge! Maybe expand the videos to discuss what you’re working on, what’s peaked your interest, & what angles didn’t make print in prior stories.

  9. GFDave, You’re right about Corso. He’d throw some interesting stuff in on the field with mixed results (we almost upset OSU when 3rd down quick kicks made them start every drive at their goal line). His personality brought in a few players we otherwise might not have gotten. It wasn’t the recipe for long term success, though.

  10. Can we please stop drawing comparisons between Corso and Crean?


    This isn’t a gimmick. It just represents his awareness of the public’s constant desire for more information.

  11. I really don’t see the Corso-Crean similarity. I like this video because it lets you get a bit of how a coach looks at players and the program in the offseason. It’s really helpful, in my opinion.

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