Crean’s speech at the Auditorium

Tom Crean loves the stage.

On Wednesday night, Crean gave a stirring talk to about 750 people at IU Auditorium.

While Crean discussed basketball for a while, he really catered his speech toward the students in attendance. He spoke of how competitive the world is and how hard students would have to work to be noticed by employers.

By the end, Crean was screaming “Be great!” into the microphone. He needed a few seconds to gather himself after giving this half-time speech.

There wasn’t a whole lot of news broken during the speech, but here’s a few tidbits:

  • No news on Bawa Muniru’s eligibility yet. Crean remains confident the freshman big man will get cleared though.
  • Indiana will be getting new jerseys next season. Adidas officials recently showed the design to Crean, and he said it looked fine. The candy-striped pants will, of course, stay.
  • IU tried bring Martha the Cleaning Lady back last season, but she lives in Chicago now and couldn’t handle the travel.
  • Crean said he will probably write a letter to Bob Knight telling the former coach that he is welcome with “arms wide open” to come back to the program.


  1. Korn man – Since when is posting a video reporting?
    Put some works here – are you an editor or a videographer? Oh yeah – I can’t read your HT without paying

  2. dotcost,

    Have you ever seen a televised news broadcast?

    It’s often a series of videos. Crazy, I know.

    And I’m pretty sure Korman doesn’t decide the H-T paid subscription policy. I happen to enjoy videos, and a lot of other people do too.

  3. dotcost sounds like a sausage boy from choo-choo ville to me. Korman!! no mention of the selby visit? names on uniforms? keep up the good work…and make them buy you a new laptop no matter how they whine about economics.

  4. I’d love to hear more about the new jerseys. I can’t imagine Crean would make drastic changes to the jersey…its been the same forever. Can you guys find out more details?

  5. Not to beat a dead horse…but I’m gonna beat a dead horse: NEW JERSEYS?! Having seen some of the abominations that have popped up over time from both Nike and Adidas, I am understandably skeptical. I will be cringing in anticipation until the jerseys come out.

    Bringing back Martha the cleaning lady: yes. Writing letters to Bob Knight inviting him back: double-yes.

  6. All,

    The new jersey’s wouldn’t debut until next season, I think.

    The IU football team has been using snazzy practice jerseys since fall camp began. I think they’re sort of prototypes for changes to the uniform.

    I can’t imagine that IU would allow many changes to the jersey.

    To dotcost,

    I’m not even clear on what you’re angry about. If it’s paying for the Web site, then the other posters are right: I can’t do much about it.

    But I do like my employees to, you know, be able to feed their children and pay their mortgages. We’re asking a measly $5 bucks per month for a product put together by more than 40 dedicated journalists. If you can’t fork that over and believe you can get your news elsewhere, have at it.

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