1. When the motherf@@#$$g refs have already decided who’s gonna win the game, why the f#%$ do we even bother sending our football team to the game?

    F#%$ this stupid s#%$. If I had gone to that game, I’d be waiting outside the ref’s dressing room with a tire iron.

  2. After further review, the call has been overturned. He clearly is not in the endzone and he also does not have possession. Also, I should mention that he is clearly out of bounds.

    Michigan Football!

  3. Heartbreaking….the referee clearly made the wrong call on the field and then it can not be overturned by the replay booth. What is the replay system actually charged with accomplishing. I hope the coaching staff uses this as a tool to put a large chip under the shoulder pads on every Hoosier shoulder.

    Coach Lynch and his staff offered an effective, aggressive and well prepared game plan for a Hoosier success today. This coaching staff will continue to make a positive impact on the IU football program if injuries don’t occur as in ’08’. In the big picture it was a very solid game.

  4. H.C., the replay booth is clearly charged with keeping 108,000 people from being mad at them. It’s much the same as ACC basketball officials, who are charged with keeping any team that wears blue happy. Come to think of it, maybe these guys didn’t know what they were doing because they were ACC basketball officials.

  5. So, who called out Lynch/Canada on their atrocious play calling inside the red zone? If the answer is no one, then the press is not doing their job.

    It’s sad watching a coach not give his players the opportunity to put away a ranked team on the road. You don’t win many Big Ten games settling for four field goals in 5-6 trips to the red zone. The offense executed throughout the game until they reached the red zone and it wasn’t the soft Michigan defense that kept the Indiana offense out. It simply came down to poor play calling.

    Sorry guys, this one is all on Bill Lynch’s shoulders.

  6. That was the most yards/points we’ve ever put up at Michigan, so I think you’re nuts, Kevin.

    “It’s sad watching a coach not give his players the opportunity to put away a ranked team on the road.”

    Did you type that with a straight face?

  7. Scoring in the Red Zone isn’t a problem that is isolated to this one game.

    Hopefully something changes.

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