1. What’s up guys? It’s not easy to watch the Hoosiers while visiting Philly, but I’ve got the game at the Fieldhouse sports bar. Ever been here Chris or Dustin? It’s fairly lively tonight with the Phillies and Eagles playing.

  2. Already an annoying game. IU’s passing attack is pleasant, but I expected them to run with more ease against a Division II team. They should be way more in control of this game.

  3. This EKU team typically plays one DIvision 1 team per season. Last year, they lost to Cincinnati by 33. The year before, they lost to Kentucky by 41. The year before that, they lost to Cincinnati by 31.

    Yet, somehow they are close to BEATING IU ON THE ROAD. Let’s hear the excuses, Aruss and Jimmy. Let’s hear about how Bill Lynch had this team prepared for this game. Let’s hear about how we should keep giving the coach more chances. Let’s explain this one away, and continue to accept patheticness.

    Unbelievable- we should be comfortably ahead and on our way to victory by now.

  4. I don’t know what to say after this one. Can we bring back the spread offense? The Pistol is firing blanks. How many times did we run it up the middle for no gain. For that matter, how many times were our backs hit as soon as they took the handoff? This offensive line could not have blocked any worse tonight. I guess that is the good news. The bad news is, the games get a lot tougher after this one. If tonight was an indication of what to expect, then we just witnessed this year’s only win of the season. The receivers were great tonight, and Ben looked pretty solid (couple of bad picks, and a couple of underthrown balls, but other than that a pretty good job). Mayberry looked good on D. I know we won, but it’s hard to walk away from this game feeling anything but concerned about the rest of the season.

  5. Now’s the time for Lynch to get on the radio and give credit to EKU and sound happy about the win and other coaching platitude bs. You should be pissed off, Lynch. That secondary and O-line had better have two new @$$holes by the end of Sunday afternoon.

  6. that was pathetic against a D2 school. great prep Lynch and getting us “ready”. ready for mediocrity once again

  7. It’s going to be another long season. Come to grips with that truth now and spare the pain of holding onto hope. How soon until we can start another blue ribbon search committee?

  8. To all the whiners – give me a break. It’s the first game of the year and there’s no preseason so of course we’ll be a bit sloppy. Heck, south carolina only scored 7 points in their win.

  9. Yeah I can see where the ACC and the Ohio Valley are pretty much the same thing!

    Quit drinking the kool aid aruss.

  10. Wow. Terrible.

    Can’t run? Can’t win.

    Looking for consistency in the IU program? You’ll find it in performances like tonight’s. Consistently a 1-3 win team every season.

    I really, really want to be positive. I have a feeling it will be another year where the D holds on for dear life to keep IU in games while the offense sputters.

  11. I hope I’m wrong, but headline of the night to me seems to be “New Stadium. New Experience. Same ol’ Hoosiers.”

  12. jason,

    I would be THRILLED with mediocrity. We aren’t even mediocre. There will be no other wins this year if we don’t see a HUGE improvement.

  13. That was a stinker of a game against a I-AA team. We cannot run the ball. We make no second half adjustments…. its like the same nightmare from last year, only this time without Thigpen…

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