Film Review: Other Thoughts

  • Indiana made more of a point to get the ball to Max Dedmond than ever before, calling several plays that were actually designed with him as the first option. ESPN analyst Ray Bentley actually at one point said that the whole offense runs through Dedmond. That is, of course, incredibly untrue, but he was at least used enough to give Bentley that impression.
  • Michigan was completely fooled by the option to Tandon Doss for the first touchdown. There wasn’t even a cornerback on the left side of the field to read the pitch.
  • Michigan blocked the 61-yard swing pass to Carlos Brown brilliantly. Cornerback Richard Council and linebacker Matt Mayberry were both crunched, and safety Nick Polk had his angle altered just enough to completely whiff on the tackle.
  • Ray Fisher probably should’ve been called for interference on Michigan’s second drive. He grabbed Greg Matthews’ right shoulder before the ball got there. Not that it mattered, of course, because Brown scored on a 40-yarder a few plays later.
  • Greg Middleton’s late hit was incredibly foolish. He didn’t hit Tate Forcier that hard, but it came well after the play was dead.
  • Ben Chappell had to throw the ball away on IU’s third drive because Rodger Saffold strangely just didn’t block Michigan defensive end Brandon Graham. James Brewer was beat on the right side, and Chappell had no choice but to throw it into the stands.
  • Linebacker Tyler Replogle made an important, third-down pass breakup in the first quarter without even looking at the ball.
  • Tandon Doss just outsprinted his man for his 59-yard reception.
  • Darius Willis’ was impressive for more than just his 85-yard run in this game. He had to make a lot happen on his first touchdown of the game, juking several defenders on an 11-yard run. He was also remarkably good at pass protection and blitz pickup.
  • The second time Indiana ran an option pitch to Tandon Doss, it could’ve gone for a much bigger gain if Doss was just a little bit quicker to his spot.
  • Michigan defensive tackle Ryan Van Bergen, who had the Wolverines only sack, may have missed an assignment on Willis’ 85-yard run, but he made several other huge plays, including helping on the pass breakup on third and goal to Terrance Turner in the second quarter.
  • Other than that drop, Turner was extremely tough Saturday, gaining hard-earned yards after the catch by bowling over defenders.
  • Not all of the bad snaps that cost Michigan major yards were the center’s fault. A few were very catchable by the quarterbacks, and others occurred because David Moosman was trying to catch Indiana offisdes. That was what happened on one play that cost Michigan 20 yards, as Greg Middleton came across the line, but went back.
  • Perhaps the most enjoyable part of watching this film was seeing Bill Lynch’s reaction. By now, everyone’s seen the video of Lynch throwing his gum after the interception call, but there’s another very entertaining shot of Lynch upset about a first-half holding call in which he sarcastically gives an official a thumbs up.
  • As many times as I’ve seen the replay, I have no idea what happened on the interception. It seemed like both players had possession, but whatever call was made on the field probably would have stood.

Korman here. Let me share some other thoughts.

  • Indiana ran almost exclusively behind the left side of the line on the first drive of the day, and did so with success. Brian Zematis, who ended up not playing much as the game wore on, made a terrific block on one play and Rodger Saffold showed off his athleticism by smothering a linebacker on another.
  • The call that led to the triple option pitch was changed once the team was at the line. Basically, if a defense “shows” by moving early, Indiana will adjust its call. It did, and ended up find the whole left side of the field open.
  • Speaking of adjustments at the line, I sometimes wonder how much leeway Ben Chappell has there. When he lined up on 3rd and 15 from the Michigan 45 in the first quarter, he had to see that Michigan was bringing an unblocked blitzer. Yet no shift was made. Would like to see more blockers on the field in a situation like that; Indiana’s offense has the weapons to throw for those 15 yards now. No need to dink and dunk around the blitz.
  • Justin Carrington appeared to be in position to make a play on Kevin Koger’s 36-yard pass. He made a strong drop, but for whatever reason broke to his right instead of staying in the seam. Not sure if Dennard Robinson, who only attempted two other passes, looked him off or not.
  • I really think Indiana will have some success with it’s bunch formation down the line. The Hoosiers added the package a little big later in practice, and are just beginning to be able to run it well. They used it convert a 3rd and three in the third quarter, with two of the three breaking one way and Doss sneaking the other. He was left open as the defenders struggled to find their assignments through traffic.
  • Apparently, Ryan Van Bergen did miss an assignment on the Darius Willis run (even though he was the backside DT). But after that, the Hoosiers could hardly contain him, as he dominated Pagan to register only the second sack by an Indiana opponent this year. Here’s what Michigan’s official site had to say:

On Indiana’s 85-yard touchdown run to take the lead in the fourth quarter, defensive tackle Ryan Van Bergen came off the field distraught after a blown assignment. He was taken aside by defensive coordinator Greg Robinson and then sat on the team bench with his head sagging.

“You flush it and you come back and play,” Robinson yelled down the line. “You don’t need to be a hero.”

“I’ll make up for it,” Van Bergen said quietly to his teammates next to him. I’ll make that play.”

One possession later, with Indiana on their own 24, Van Bergen helped stuff the middle of the line on first down and then sacked quarterback Ben Chappell for a loss of 12. He helped stack the middle of the line on third down and Indiana was forced to punt.

“I told you I’d make that play,” he yelled to teammate Donovan Warren as he came off the field.

  • Indiana actually had a shot to stop Brandon Minor on 3rd-and-1 on the last drive of the game. Middle linebacker Matt Mayberry filled his gap well but was blown back by the fullback coming out of the I-formation. Nick Polk arrived where and when he needed to but was pushed forward by Minor.