1. The first two pics do not conclusively support the assertion that Warren is in sole possession of the ball. The third pick does not show the ball, but shows that the receiver is down and you can’t tell who has it. The last two pics are after the receiver is down. They have nothing to do with the play which at this point is over.

  2. This picture proves absolutely nothing. As dave says, the pictures are so inconclusive. I am pretty sure at a different angle the third picture would show both with the ball and belcher down. The picture that “proves” the michigan guy has the ball is after the fact.

  3. I agree, GFDave.

    These pictures are a Rorschach test for college football fandom. If you see that Warren has possession, you’re a Michigan fan. If you see something inconclusive or a dual possession, then you are a fan of the Hoosiers or any other sane fanbase in the country.

  4. Dave, he doesn’t have to have sole possession according to the rules. Simultaneous possession is sufficient and I think it’s pretty clear that he at least had that. The rules tilt toward favoring the offensive player, so unless it was pretty clear that the defender caught the ball initially, it should not have been ruled an interception. While it may or may not have ultimately cost the Hoosiers the win, it was a piss-poor call. Hopefully, the B10 commissioners man up and do something about this bit of homerism, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. let it go – quit crying
    its spilled milk
    the commissioner won’t do anything

    time to get ready for OSU – they’ll be a lot more difficult then UM.

    IU needs to put it across the end line when in the red zone!

  6. dot, I agree…I was just stating what I think to be fact, not fretting over it. I am pumped for this weekend. My insider says IU is upbeat, healthy, and as confident as he has seen an IU team.

  7. I think most people objectively believe that this was an incorrect call. The question is, given a booth review, why was the call then validated? I’m not quite ready to accept that this call was the absolute objective evaluation of the referee. I think there is a story that goes along with the call. I don’t know what the story is, but I’m pretty certain there is one (or more).

  8. Those pics are awful, and its hilarious that UM fans are running across the internet trying to convince the rest of the country that they are wrong. It is time to move on, though.

  9. I echo dotcost. I’m happy the football team formally has made this a non-issue and moved on quickly. IU had chances to put UM down by more than two scores and couldn’t get it done. If IU plays with the same fire for the rest of the season, they will win some games.

  10. I am of the opinion that this play isn’t worth fighting too hard over since it’s water under the bridge, and who knows if we would’ve scored. HOWEVER, the fact that the game-deciding drive was ended not by Indiana, not by Michigan, but by the officials getting a call wrong is what kills me. To have two and a half minutes of sheer drama cut short by the officials making the wrong call is completely inexcusable; we might not have scored, but the fact that we were denied the chance to find out…damn Big Ten officials.

  11. I’ve been telling my friends who are UM alums that they will be getting calls from UM for more donation because calls like that don’t come cheap.

    J Pat’s first comment is right, and ironic with respect to the blog owner trying to push these as proof it was the right call, the pictures themselves clearly show IU in contact with the ball in pic 1 (no clear and exclusive possession by UM player, and the ball at that point is still moving), simultaneous possession in pic 2, then down in pic 3. It should have been a total textbook call, and we IU fans definitely have a right to feel cheated of at least the opportunity to drive for the tie or win. Prior red zone success or not, the score was what it was at that time and we should have had a fair chance.

    It is especially disappointing for a program like IU, trying to build itself up. We likely won’t have that many opportunities to knock off a ranked team (especially on the road) and so to have that chance vanish on a blown call is all the more frustrating.

  12. Unfortunately, a replay booth review does not allow for a ruling of simultaneous possession, as this is a judgment call. If they had ruled it simultaneous possession on the field, they would not have been able to say review it and say it was an INT either. Pretty stupid, if you ask me, but the rules nonetheless.

  13. They sure spent a lot of time reviewing that non-reviewable call. And what they said after the end was that after further review, the play stood, not that the play was un-reviewable (which officials can and have said). Given that the officials seemed willing to ignore the actual rules of the game, it would not have been so terrible an injustice had they, in reviewing the call that perhaps should have been un-reviewable, ended up with the correct result of an IU reception.

  14. Let’s move on and get pumped about OSU for this weekend.

    I still believe this was a bad call, but this call is not the reason IU lost, it was one call the negated a chance at a last drive that may have ended in a score or a fumble on the next play. I wish we could play it out, but that’s never going to happen.

    From the EKU game to the Michigan game, Coach Lynch and staff have appeared to correct the majority of issues with this team. Now, the most glaring issue I see is the lack of production once we have entered the red zone.

    Let’s hope this becomes a point of increased study and practice this week.

  15. Well there is no such thing a “non-reviewable” call. All calls are reviewable, but they aren’t all “over-turnable.” The booth couldn’t say it was a simultaneous catch and award to IU, since that is a judgement call. However, they could have been looking to see if there was evidence that IU had possession first or that the ball came loose at some point to rule the pass incomplete.

  16. You might at least want to post that some Michigan fans photoshopped this up instead of presenting it as neutral fact. The video replay was very inconclusive as to who had possession of the football.

  17. Also, that first photo looks like Belcher has the ball wedged in his elbow and it looks like the Michigan player is grasping it with his wrists.

  18. The “first picture” is not when the ball was first caught. When the ball was first touched, Warren was BEHIND Belcher with his ONE arm under his, he then slid around and got both but the ball was stopped and caught by Belcher prior to Warren getting anything that would resemble a catch. Nice try minipulating the facts, loser.

  19. I also agree the team should move on to the Bucks. But the AD with his department should not and B10 football fans don’t need to. I don’t know of any other way for changes to be made to a faulty process than for people to clamor for it. The replay reviewing process was initiated to eliminate officials’ errors made on the field and/or by action they simply could not clearly see. This review process satisfies our taste for reliability of the replay officials decisions (roughly) 80% of the time. Of the remaining 20%; 10% of the calls are inconclusive on the replay or not reviewable by rule. It is this last 10% that always seems to involve a judgement call made wrong on the field the replay booth can’t overturn by rule. (ie; official declares interception and the booth sees simultaneous possession but cannot over turn because of a rule) That rule whatever it is needs to be changed. If this review process is to be as infallible as it can be made then athletic departments and fans need to civilly hold the appropriate feet (NCAA’s Rich Falk) to the fire often enough and long enough until the rule is written to lessen the failures of the review process. If there is not “timely, sharp, clear requests” for continuous scrutiny of rules then the job just won’t ever be done right. If we don’t holler we care. They won’t care. It is like crossing half the street – you won’t get their.

  20. HC,

    I agree with you to a point.

    The rules are not going to be discussed and changed mid season. Right now is not the time for the AD or Coaches to be concerned with or talking to the Big Ten and/or the NCAA concerning it.

    As for the fans, make all the noise you want. The NCAA has shown that they don’t really care what you have to say, as long as you keep spending money.

    If the NCAA really cared what we say, the BCS would be gone and there would be a playoff in college football.

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