1. I am so upset that these kids got hosed by a crap call and didn’t get a fair shake at the end of this game. I hope our Hoosier players know that they did a great job today, and played a hell of a game.

  2. The zebra stripes were complicit in a theft of the opportunity for the Hoosiers to fairly have a chance to win this game. Everyone knows the rules on a play like that. The reciever was in position, even though the defender had his hand inside the ball, they were down, whistle blew and both had hands around the ball. Wrestling for posession afterwards does not count. Clearly IU should have had the ball. If I were Fred Glass and Coach Lynch, I would take that all the way up the NCAA and get that crew reprimanded for for blowing a call. IU showed that they could score a quick TD if they needed to three times in this game and should have had the opportunity to win fairly.

  3. our guys work hard, study hard, practice hard and played too hard to get a zebra f******. “you gotta play better than bad officiating if you expect to win” RMK

  4. That was not fair. I wanted coach lynch fired before today. If these kids play with that type of intensity, I say keep him. What total crap.

  5. Per the NCAA Rulebook: If a forward pass is caught simultaneously by opposing players inbounds, the ball becomes dead and belongs to the passing team (Rule 2-2-7) (A.R. 2-2-7-III and A.R. 7-3-6-I-IX).

  6. The team played great…not sure if there was duel possession by both players, but the bottom line is IU lost and it sucks! We have some talent on Defense that could start for any team IMO. But, our Offense failed to convert in the red zone too many times and I think our kicker could be much better. I miss Austin Starr.

  7. As far as Michigan goes, they aren’t a top 20 team or 23rd for that matter. IU is better than most think. Rich Rod is still dirty and I think he will go up in flames, something will come out about shady runnings of his program. Plus, Tate Forcier is a bit overrated and doesn’t make very good decisions. Michigan could win as little as 2 to 3 more games after this.

    Hopefully IU can bounce back and not let the outcome determine the destiny of the ’09 team.

  8. The officials blew that call, but the story of IU losing this game is 5 red zone trips, 4 field goals. The play calling in the red zone was once again horrible!

    Have to say, I loved the passion and fire shown by Lynch on the call. I hope he says all the right things in his press conference and on the radio show tomorrow that leaves the Big Ten no choice but to fine him!

  9. pontiac (or whoever sponsors that now) game-changer of the week: officials against IU. I was ABOUT to give it to Darius Willis, but the officials always have to upstage.

  10. The zebras flagrantly violated the rule for joint possession. But Indiana cannot put itself in the position of letting officials decide the game. They will always lose at least in football and especially in opposing stadiums. They are obviously a better team than Michigan and would crush them on a neutral field.

    Congratulations to Bill Lynch for keeping his cool. I would have walked off the field.

  11. Clearly a sucky call by the refs. Who knows what would have happened, but it would have been nice to have had a chance. But we’ve seen this enough before to know that Rule 1 in the B10 rule book states that Indiana doesn’t get to win in Michigan.

    I thought the team was well prepared and played competitive football for the entire game. After their first two scores I think the kids adjusted to their speed.

    Statistically we were even or better than Michigan in every category except for 3rd down conversions. This is an area that still needs improvement. Also, our kick coverage sucks.

    Obviously the biggest factor was red zone conversions. Some of it was conservative play calling. Some of it was lack of players not making plays. Nevertheless this issues needs to be corrected.

    Chappell managed the game well. He didn’t force it and threw it away when he had to. He gave us a chance to win.

    Goes without saying, but Willis is the man at tailback.

    I feel bad for Nick Polk. He played a great first half and if he just hadn’t flattened out his trail for a moment on that TD pass, he would have been there to make the play.

    This IU football team for real and will win more games this season.

  12. This one stings. Badly. Referee call aside, in the end, our red zone issues, kicking game, poor punting, and that oh-so-painful 3-and out with 5:30 in the fourth quarter spelled our doom.

    Our defensive ends are total studs. But if the offense can’t give them a chance to catch their breath late in the 4th after a huge stop, then Michigan is going to score, and they did.

    Still, the team was mostly awesome today, showing some major gumption.
    -Ben Chappell was outstanding; he shows more and more poise every start.
    -The ends continue to dominate, and the backs tackled fairly well. That annoying little weasel Forcier was able to take advantage of their tiredness late, but that doesn’t take away from their performance overall.
    -Darius Willis. I have never been more excited for IU football than his 80-yarder to take the lead in the fourth. Coming out party? I hope
    -Bill Lynch. It hurts me to say this, but he coached well today, and to see him go on that tirade was downright awesome.

    All in all, unless Michigan is severely overrated, this game showed me that IU is going to win a few more this year. They went into one of college football’s most hostile atmospheres, and strutted some pretty potent stuff. I don’t see why 4 Big 10 wins can’t happen.

  13. The University needs to make a commitment to the Football program and make us a legitmate Bowl Contending program…the fans have the passion and it often lays dormant. Bill Cook give $200 million like Boone Pickens and build it up. I want to beat Michigan for 20 years in a row…Cam Cameron said it best the Big Ten is happy with IU where they are and that is an easy win and the team to schedule for Homecoming. I’m tired of having a losing program and we all are hurting for this loss…

  14. Isn’t it amazing how people believe what they want to believe? About every IU fan thinks it was a BS call and every UM fan on their Rivals board thinks it was clearly the correct call.

    Regardless, it’s our fault for not locking it up before that point. I don’t know whether to be devastated or encouraged, but I’m exhausted.

    And, I’ll second that, Congrats to Coach on a great game and not for charging the ref Woody Hayes style in the heat of the moment. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that; hell, my tv, chair and heart barely survived.

  15. it’s not that the play-calling was conservative…it was just wrong. As far as I can think, every single third down play on those 4 RZ trips that ended in FG attempts was a 5-wide spread. UM brought a linebacker EVERY TIME and Chappell had to hurry the throw. I dearly hope Matt Canada understands his error from watching the tape…but he should’ve figured it out the first time it didn’t work.

  16. Hey folks…hate to say it wasn’t as bad of play calling as you might think…just poor execution on those 3 and outs and in the red zones. Our players didn’t do as well as their players in those situations so cut Lynch and Canada some slack.

  17. IU deserves so much credit!! I am the eternal pessimist when it comes to the IU football program, but I am turning over a new leaf! That was such a great game and we fought soooo hard. I don’t think there is anyway that this team will be denied of nothing less than 6 or 7 wins and another bowl. What a HUGE improvement from the first home game! WAY TO GO HOOSIERS!!!

  18. where is the guy who keeps writing the crazy stuff that posts under different names that usually does not make sense? I give credit to the football team and the coaching staff. Great game! I am excited about next week.

  19. WOW. How heartbreaking for those kids. We have the luxury of using the game as a break from our daily lives. This IS their daily lives.

    This team have continued to improve every game which can be attributed to coaching. Hopefully those of you who have been so negative towards the coaching staff will sit down, shut up, and support this team.

    I’ll say it first. Give Lynch and his staff a contract extension. They already have 22 commitments for next year. This isn’t just because of the facility improvements. It is because of the relationships that Lynch has with High School Coaches around the midwest, and with parents in living rooms. He is a great guy who can get the job done.

    Hey here is an idea. Show up next week buy a ticket and root on the Hoosiers.

  20. BOB81-

    You are nuts. Talk about jumping the gun… one of the hallmarks of a good coach is to be able to get a team to rebound after a tough loss or losses. This team looks good, but it has a few major challenges coming up. FIrst and foremost, OSU, another team who we haven’t beat in a few centuries, then an ACC road game against a team who will be fired up.
    It’s up to Bill to keep the emotion and intensity on high. I believe he can do it, but I want to see it first. This team needs to respond to some adversity before we start measuring drapes, passing out awards, and signing contracts.

  21. Seems to me the adversity was last year with all the injuries. Hence the improvement each week this year without the multitude of injuries. The jury is no longer out. Major facilities upgrade, strong AD and university support, higher caliber recruits looking at us and committing, Coach Lynch and his staff marshaling improvement from players who are putting a better product on the field each week are what we have wanted from the football program. I will stay in their corner for the duration.

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