Injury report: Johnson out

Indiana’s latest injury report shows Darius Johnson, a pleasant surprise at DE this year, won’t make the trip to Ann Arbor this weekend. He’s out with a shoulder injury, meaning Indiana will take only four defensive ends into the Big House.

Jammie Kirlew and Greg Middleton, who I think will be key should Indiana pull an upset, will play most of the snaps. Deonte Mack and Terrance Thomas will rotate in.

There’s also got to be concern for Indiana on the other side of the ball, as left guard Justin Pagan and right tackle James Brewer are also listed with ankle injuries. Both are probable though, as is Cody Faulkner, the veteran guard who hasn’t played yet due to a shoulder injury.

Of course Michigan has it’s own injury issues on the offensive line, forcing Rich Rodriguez to make several changes.

Here’s IU’s full injury report:

Player                                      Injury                  Status
Fred Jones, DE                     Foot                     Out
Darius Johnson, DE            Shoulder             Out
Chad Sherer, LB                   Hamstring         Questionable
Zach Davis-Walker, RB      Shoulder            Probable
Cody Faulkner, OL              Shoulder            Probable
Justin Pagán, OL                 Ankle                  Probable
Donnell Jones, CB              Hamstring          Probable
James Brewer, OL              Ankle                   Probable


  1. Let’s get to the interview with

    Western Michigan gashed us? To the tune of 0.8 yards per rush on 29 attempts! I think the premise of their question was a little off.

    We haven’t stopped anybody that wanted to run the ball? Our opponents have averaged 30 rushing attempts per game. That’s enough for me to say they wanted to run. Their average is 2.5 yards per rush, so I’d also say we stopped them.

    The questions weren’t supported by the factual evidence to date.

    If you want to say that the competition wasn’t the best, that’s true. If you want to point out that our tackles are young and that the linebackers need much improvement, that’s true too. If you want to say that stopping the rushing attack of a fast spread team like UM will be a big, big challenge, that’s true too.

    I know your job isn’t to be a cheerleader. You don’t have an obligation to defend IU in any way. But what the questioner was objectively wrong and he wasn’t corrected.

  2. GF Dave,

    WMU had 22 total yards rushing against the Hoosiers on 29 attempts, like you said, a .08 ypc average.

    Against the Wolverines, they had 38 yards on 24 carries. A 1.6 ypc average.

    The stat line shows that Michigan gave up twice as many yards per carry as IU did. If we were “gashed”, then Michigan was flat out split in two!

  3. If IU is susceptible to the Mich running attack, it will be to the outside. Our D-line averages 285. Their O-line averages 290. Their O-line very well may have a speed advantage, but I don’t see them overpowering us. We also might get caught overpursuing the passer leading to big gains to the outside.

  4. Even though IU gave up 106 yards on 30 carries to Akron, 76 of those came on 9 carries on their last 2 drives when IU was playing their second string defense. So that means against the first string, Akron only ran for 30 yards on 21 carries (1.4 per carry).

  5. Fellas,

    You guys are right. The numbers don’t support what I said.I didn’t have them right in front of me when I took the call, and I was sort of going on memory. I should have handled that one better. That’s on me, not Rothstein.

    What I should have said is that even though nobody has really run the ball well against Indiana yet, I still believe they’ll have trouble there.

    Phil, you’re right. I’m working on writing the scouting report for tomorrow, and after looking over some Michigan stuff I’m more convinced than ever that Middleton and Kirlew will dictate the game. Forcier reads the end and seems to have a knack for knowing when they’ll cut inside, leaving him and open lane outside the tackle.

  6. Thanks Chris.

    Coach Lynch indicated that our defenders were going to have to be assignment sound and trust each other. To me that sounds like there are going to be a lot of instances where defenders will have to make a solo tackle. So one key to the game will be tackling and, secondarily, getting others to the ball ASAP. Wrap up and take the ball carrier to the ground. Forget the kill shots.

    Another key will be scoring the most points (vbg).

  7. It starts tomorrow, folks. The Who?siers become the Hoosiers; the legacy of ineptitude and neglect becomes a Commitment to Slightly Above Mediocrity. Let’s bring it, Bill. I believe.

  8. What I meant is, today is when the removal of Lynch begins to materialize, after being crushed in the conference yet again.

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