Irving: It was a family decision

Confirming Adam Zagoria’s report Friday morning, Kyrie Irving said that he will not take an official visit to Indiana and that the New Jersey point guard is no longer considering the Hoosiers.

“Me and my family talked about it,” Irving said. “And I want to¬† thank Indiana for bringing me along as long as they did, but as of now, I’m not going there on an official and Indiana is off my list.”

Irving, rated as a five-star recruit and the No. 9 overall prospect in the 2010 class by, had been the Hoosiers top target for some time. Asked why Indiana dropped out of the race, he did not provide much detail.

“It wasn’t necessarily anything they did wrong,” Irving said. “It was absolutely a family decision. That was basically it.”

Still on his list, Irving said, are Duke, Connecticut, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Seton Hall and Texas A&M. He has official visits still scheduled for Duke on Sept. 26, Texas A&M on Oct. 9, Kentucky on Oct. 15 and Georgia Tech on Oct. 23. He said he plans on taking all of his visits before making a decision.

The Hoosiers still have one scholarship remaining for the 2010 class and can oversign by one.


  1. This is nothing I ever expected, but can’t really say I’m surprised with Kentucky entering the picture.

  2. I think it has more to do with him being impressed with Duke. IU was with him from the beginning, and the other big schools jumped in after his rankings shot up. We got used, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

  3. Until a few days ago I thought KI was solidly a Hoosier in waiting. Can’t win them all- and I wish him well-as long as he doesn’t go to UK, then I’ll wish him a career ending injury.

  4. Given are poor record last year and our inexperience we might have been eliminated because we are not a very viable candidate to go deep in the tournament, and they just thought it wasn’t worth the risk. Of course, you could asy about the same thing about Ga. Tech, Seton Hall, and Texas A&M;thus, this seems to be a real mystery.

  5. If he ends up going to Kentucky, I wonder how it will affect Crean and Calipari’s friendship. There are going to be some UGLY recruiting battles between those two.

  6. Don’t be fooled….A&M, Georgia Tech, and Seton Hall are simply window dressing. However, don’t discount Uconn in this battle. At the very least, Uconn has the advantage from a geographic standpoint. How far is it from Connecticut to New Jersey? A few hours, tops? His family could easily drive back and forth to his home games. The same can’t be said about Duke and Kentucky (or Indiana for that matter). Maybe it isn’t a consideration for them at all….but, something to ponder.

  7. we don’t need shining stars,we need solid foundation players that will stay around awhile and provide the base on which to build. Do not lose any sleep or become upset over this, everyone can be replaced and many times for the better.

  8. With his sentence structure as it is,’Me and my family’, could he even qualify? Surely he wouldn’t meet the math requirement.

  9. I saw this coming. Oh well, go after the next kid. KI sounds like a standup character and one heck of a player, it’s too bad for us. We’ll have to get that next championship the old fashioned way, with a TEAM.

  10. Internet reports have Kyrie Irving as a 3.5 student, and in my experience even extremely intelligent high school kids don’t always use the best grammar while speaking. I quote what he says and he doesn’t get a chance to edit. Just wanted to point that out before this goes too far.

  11. I believe a lot of it comes down to him not wanting to compete in any way for the Point Gaurd position. Duke said they want him to be their point gaurd, they don’t have other options. Good luck to Irving, hope he has a good carreer. Let’s all move on.

  12. He must see himself as a 1 or 2 year player and believes competition for PT at the point position would lower his draft value. Both being issues driving this decision.

  13. Did anyone read into KI’s tweeter language? After all this was over and said “i’m just staying hungry and humble, LOI”. Am I reading into this too much or was he mocking Crean as that’s one of Crean’s lines he uses? To me it sounds like Crean didn’t give him the point guard position as a matter of right and probably told him he was going to work his ass off. If so, good for Crean as he doesnt’ need to be at the mercy of an 18 year old.

  14. The cold, hard truth about this situation, all hurt feelings aside, is that we are way overstocked at the guard position, and missing out on Kyrie is not going to be felt any time soon.
    It may be that we have to “settle” for developing a couple 4-star, 4-year players before the 5-star recruits begin to land. We’ll see who is laughing in the conference when Watford, Creek and Hulls are juniors taking us into the second or third round of the tournament.

    Here’s a comforting case study: Washington got all pumped up a few years ago when they landed 5-star center Spencer Hawes. He played one year on the team, spent a lot of the time on the bench, and the team had it’s worst finish in the last 7 years. Summary of Hawes’ tenure: Little loyalty, a lot of pouting, and a lame 1st round NIT exit (loss to Valpo).

    On the other hand, when the coach spent time developing 4-star players Brandon Roy and Nate Robinson, they had one of their best years of all time.

    Rebuilding starts with solid, dedicated kids who are going to stick around, learn the system, embrace the tradition, earn some Big 10 accolades, and become household names. It’s not a glamorous way to do it, but it’s the right way, and perhaps the only thing within Crean’s means to do.

    Let’s keep an eye on Florida International, a team that landed the “one big recruit.” We’ll see whose program is healthier in a few years, ours or theirs.

  15. I don’t buy the “competition at PG” theory. It could explain IU losing out on KI as the final two with Duke, but it doesn’t explain not being in his top 5 and the official visit getting canceled.

    UK has two 5-star PG’s on the roster this year, is solidly in with Selby and I believe a couple other PG’s. UConn has Kemba Walker who could still be there when Irving arrives.

    And the “we’re rebuilding” theory doesn’t explain how Seton Hall and Texas A&M leapfrogged IU.

    Something has to have happened during the rounds of in-home visits last week. Whether there was negative recruiting against IU, or IU did something wrong. Something changed last week during those visits.

  16. This one hurts… I live in ACC country, and nothing erk’s me more than PUKE landing another top 10 player.

    But I can say that Josh Selby is an absolute beast of a PG! I live about 10 minutes from Lake Clifton in Baltimore, which is where he’ll be playing this year. Can’t wait to go watch some games!

  17. I don’t think KI was mocking Coach Crean. I’m pretty sure the original sequence of events was KI tweeting something about staying hungry and humble, and then Crean tweeting about wanting Hungry and Humble Warriors. I remember at the time we made a big deal out of it because it was obviously aimed at KI.

  18. Those other coaches have probably told him he is the starter from day one just like they told the other recruits. That is a favorite trick of some coaches when recruiting 4-5 star prospects who won’t stay four years.

  19. @ BGleas – I agree with your post, about comparing the other school’s situation to ours. It had to be the in-home visit; something really went wrong there. I think Kyrie like the staff and IU all along, but someone in his family wasn’t sold and perhaps the visit did it for them. Like the mom or dad, or whoever, had a problem with Crean or something. Or maybe he was expecting something extra and got put in their place. I don’t know, but there’s no way IU goes from co-leader before the visit to out of consideration directly afterwards.

  20. In response to the Husky-

    “The cold, hard truth about this situation, all hurt feelings aside, is that we are way overstocked at the guard position..”

    More guards than the Queen’s Palace?….Wow, Tom…Where was the agreement when I was making that claim weeks ago on the IDS Basketblog? Seems like I remember you making numerous grandiose spurts of how badly Crean needed to land a 5-star recruit…Am I thinking of a different Husky Tom? Are you soon to be advocating the need for a top-talent big man? Remember someone claiming we needed a guy like Rakeem Christmas much more than a Kyrie Irving? Hmmm? Don’t remember any agreement there either..

    I do enjoy how you remain the glowingly optimistic IU basketball fan even though it means constantly changing your point of view to fit the circumstances…And wonderful Washington Husky basketball analogies too!

    Here, I’ll attempt to paraphrase in your Paul Revere gangsta lingo… “I don’t care if he not the next Eric Gordon!….As long as he be five star and got great handles!! And please, no more cornfed white boys!”

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