UPDATED: Irving crosses Indiana off his list

[1:45 p.m. UPDATE]

Kyrie Irving will not consider Indiana, his uncle, Sye Dean, told Adam Zagoria.

“Indiana is out,” said Sye Dean, Irving’s uncle. “We respect the program. We respect Tom Crean. We feel blessed that a University of that caliber would recruit Kyrie, but sometimes in regards to this recruiting process you have to eliminate certain programs. That’s part of the process.

“It’s always a process of elimination and I think Tom Crean and their program did a wonderful job. We just felt that Indiana wasn’t the place where he could develop and that’s no disrespect to Tom Crean. Although Indiana is a great program and has great coaches, we just felt it was conducive for us to go in another direction.”


Kyrie Irving, Indiana’s top target in the class of 2010, has postponed his planned Oct. 2 official visit because of a “family engagement,” and may not visit the campus at all, Adam Zagoria of Zagsblog.com is reporting.

Irving’s father, Drederick, told Zagoria that the scheduling conflict will prevent Irving from visiting Bloomington the first weekend in October.

But with visits already scheduled with Duke (Sept. 25), Texas A&M (Oct. 9), Kentucky (Oct. 15) and Georgia Tech (Oct. 23), Indiana, Seton Hall and UConn are all now up for that fifth official visit.

“We only have one slot remaining,” Drederick said. “We want to sit back and give ourselves a couple days to digest. We want to assess and see which schools are conducive to Kyrie’s needs and where he wants to be.”


  1. Wow. How did IU fall off so quickly? A couple months ago most observers would have confidently said IU was a clear favorite and now they don’t even seem to be in the TOP 5. I wonder if Kyrie is peeved by the Josh Selby in-home visit. Obviously Coach Crean can’t comment on potential recruits, but there must have been some sort of disconnect that occurred in recent weeks. Hopefully IU can rebound and still land a dynamic player.

  2. Wow.

    Like I said, why would he want to play with all the 3 star guards we’ve been stock-piling?

    Pretty sad he was considered a LOCK a few short months ago.

  3. That’s exactly why they went to see Selby and apologized for being late in the recruitment (they put all their eggs in the Irving basket and now the writing is on the wall so they went to Selby).

  4. Kyrie is NOT coming here and their may be a couple reason’s as to why:

    1. The kid just had a change of heart
    2. IU couldn’t or wouldn’t offer him enough “goodies” (Don’t laugh this stuff happens under the table with MANY elite recruits).
    3. Something happened during the home visit and his parents didn’t like Crean
    4. He wanted to be with a program that is currently elite.

    I could dwell forever, but their could be any number of reason’s why Kyrie decided he doesn’t like IU but the reality is we should move on and realize our school is WAY BIGGER then one recruit.

  5. Does anyone else think there may have been a conflict of interest with Rashown McLeod being the lead recruiter for Irving when Duke is also recruiting him? I don’t want to speculate or not give coach Ro the benefit of the doubt but it’s hard for me not to believe that he may not be pitching IU as hard as he can when his former coach and alma mateur are in the kids other ear. Really interesting that Rashown is now the lead recruiter for Selby too….hmmm. Gives you the impression that the Kyrie Irving to IU dream is over so lets try to benefit from some discontent Selby may have about UK getting in on Irving. OH THE DRAMA!!

  6. Does anyone else think that BAM wants to spread rumors of the thinnest nature? Wait a minute, there’s someone at my door…I have to go, the Death Panel is here for mom.

  7. Just something to think about GFDave. I don’t claim to be an expert like some of you all portray. If you have problems with logic then that’s your issue.
    And no, I don’t watch Fox News.

  8. Bam, there’s no logic to what you say, you’re just using one piece of information to extrapolate far beyond its meaning. By your thinking lots, if not most, of assistant coaches out there couldn’t be trusted because they’re not from the school they work for.

  9. Possibly Irving has made his unannounced choice and is simply going to finish out the rest of his recruitment process without the IU visit. It wouldn’t be the first time a recruit has used misdirection to confuse speculation.

  10. Have you guys been listening to other recruits who visit and how they praise Hulls when they see him in pickup games? Hulls worth has been building all summer. I believe Irving wants to be the ONLY point guard for his team in his freshman year. Hulls and Rivers would be stiff completion and they will have 1 year of running coach’s system. Coach K on the other hand made it clear to Irving and his parents that Kyrie would be the man. Lets face it he would be playing for Duke who it not rebuilding. I have seen Irving play and he is great but he is not the second coming of Isaiah Thomas. I think Selby is just as good and rated
    higher than Irving.Rivals has Selby as #4 and Irving as #9. Also remember coach has lots of options for other good players. Maybe he will go for a big and wait for some of the great point guards coming up in 2011 an 2012.

  11. Wow. Sounds like SOMEONE — maybe Coach K or Calipari — got to Kyrie. It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up.

    I’ll be pissed, though not surprised, if he ends up playing for Cal at UK.

  12. Ok, he isn’t coming to IU. I hope that means I never have to see another post on the Scoop about him! I no longer care where he goes or what he does.

  13. GFDave,
    I’m not preaching gospel just posing a scenario to think about since we obviously don’t know the facts and may never know. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Last I knew this wasn’t your forum. Anyone who takes something said in a blog and starts passing it along as a rumor is ignorant and misguided.

  14. Bam, Its not my blog, but you are the one rumor mongering and you should expect to be called out for it. If you don’t want people questioning your posts, don’t post. That’s part of it and I take plenty of hits.

  15. I think having Hulls running the point and Rivers also scared off Irving. Knowing that they would have a one advantage and that he will not be the main man. I still say we need a good inside playe r to help out Tom.

  16. Can’t say that I’m pleased with this development. However, the sky does not currently appear to be falling.

  17. Personally, I think the kid found out that under Crean he was going to literally have to work his @$$ off and he bailed. Crean is alot like Knight if not worse on conditioning and you know these babied, glorified prima donnas want their @$$es kissed and everything handed to them.

    Good riddance I say…..there are plenty of recruits that would love to play for Crean and IU. No biggie at all to me.

  18. I love how the family was all about his education, and how he wanted a journalism degree. Yet they are looking hard to KY now? Most predict he will be a one and done anyways, so the degree is just another talking point. Empowering these kids really gets to their heads and more importantly their parents.

  19. Mike,

    Just because he didn’t commit here doesn’t mean he lacks character. Let’s not make assumptions about his integrity and work ethic based simply on this decision.

    He may have actually just realized Indiana’s not right for him. There’s nothing wrong with that. At least he’s taken his time and gone through the process in a mature way.

    Best of luck to Kyrie. We’re not going to get every recruit we go after.

    Now let’s move on and realize this isn’t the last time we’ll lose a recruit. Crean’s a great recruiter. We’ll recover.

  20. I know someone from his hometown. He is telling all his friends he is going to Kentucky. Take it for whats its worth. If you don’t want to believe me then dont.

  21. Life will go on without Irving. We will all be fine and our program will survive it. Hopefully, we can grab Selby at the last minute. If not, life will go on and the program will continue to right itself.

    However, at this point, I would not be surprised if both Irving and Selby end up at Kentucky.

  22. Rumor mongering?? Really? How about this one?
    I hear GFDave spends his days trolling blogs and message boards spewing his righteousness and then when he reads other posts he doesn’t agree with he tries to incite arguments by posting accusations and snarky comments.

  23. I wonder how these kids are going to feel when Kentucky gets placed on the inevitable probation? I give coach Cal three years, max, before the 2 A slaps his hand (again).

  24. Bam, after this I’m done with you, but the following is a direct quote from your post, and if you aren’t trying to rumor monger why post it? Because to me speculating about the ethics and professional conduct of people based on the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence is rumor mongering.

    “I don’t want to speculate or not give coach Ro the benefit of the doubt but it’s hard for me not to believe that he may not be pitching IU as hard as he can when his former coach and alma mateur are in the kids other ear.” — BAM

    BTW alma mater is misspelled. Now goodbye.

  25. This is why I don’t get worked up about possible recruits. It would have been great to have Irving but if he doesn’t want to be at IU I’d rather he made that decision now. IU will be fine without him.

  26. JeremyK, The sky isn’t falling here either. Let CTC get someone that wants to play bb games rather than recruiting ones and we’ll be better off both in the short and long term. GO IU

  27. Chet, unfortunately I dont think they care what type of violations or other stink comes from Calimari and his aftermath. Look at Rose, he has no comment, and is enjoying his millions of dollars after being a proven cheat.

  28. I hate Kentucky basketball!!!! Also, I think they should go back to the days of first year players can’t play.

  29. Andy, there is no evidence that that is what happened. There have been many other equally plausible explanations offered as to why Irving may have soured on IU.

  30. Who knows, it could be anything, but if he doesnt go to UK, I think it was a closer to home issue, although Duke isnt that close either! Preference to play right away is probably the biggest thing hes looking for, so take it for what it is!

    As for Bam and GF, if you guys want to argue get on messenger and do it, leave us out. Its like that email you just keep getting cc’d on, and it never ends.

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