Irving will visit Kentucky

Kyrie Irving, Indiana’s top target in the class of 2010, will visit Kentucky.

So says Adam Zagoria, the leading authority on East Coast recruiting.

Zagoria got this story from Kyrie’s father, Drederick, who played at Boston College.

Here’s what Mr. Irving had to say about the job Indiana, which had a home visit with the Irvings Sunday and will host Kyrie in a few weeks, has done:

Indiana also figures strongly in Kyrie’s recruitment, largely because of the relationship with assistant coach Roshown McLeod.

“Coach Ro has done a splendid job recruiting Kyrie, recruiting the family so I got a chance to sit down and speak with Coach [Tom] Crean and just to have discussions with him about his plans for Kyrie and how Kyrie fits in,” he said.

Asked if it would come down to Duke or Indiana, Drederick said flatly:

“I think that’s very premature at this point. We’re being open to all the schools. They’re all great schools.

“It’s all predicated on a feeling that’s elicited once you’re on campus. There are so many intangibles that we’re looking to see when we go on these visits.

“But they’re all great schools and I just think it’s a matter of finding the right school for Kyrie and he’ll know because he’ll get a gut feeling.

“And when he gets that feeling he has said that he will pull the trigger.”


  1. I get the feeling that UK will be offering his father a position relatively shortly followed by a commitment to the mildcats….

  2. No need to worry about UK if the Duke fans are right. They have him locked up as a Blue Devil. Or could it just be that Kyrie is following his plan exactly and taking all his visits before making a decision? The young man knows what he is doing. I still like IU’s chances.

  3. I like him a tad bit less now. Anyone giving that snakeoil salesman a visit or time of day, loses respect.

  4. Irving will never make his Kentucky visit…it will come down to Duke or Indiana. If he doesn’t commit to IU during his visit, Kyrie will be the new point guard at Duke.

  5. He’s got more than 3 Stars….we don’t want him anyway.

    Before, I thought it was a lock he was coming to IU. Now, I bet he goes to Duke or (barf) Kentucky.

    The guy wants to win. At Duke and Kaintuck, he could be the final piece. At IU, he sees we’re flooded with 3 Star guards.

    He’s got lots of front court help at the other schools.

    Also, I thought he was coming to IU after Duke.

  6. i swear these blue chip kids and their families just milk the recruiting process and all the groveling the get. cant blame them I guess.

  7. Let’s read between the lines. He previously said IU was his leader in the spring, and only backed off when other recruiters got miffed. His family and advisers are counseling him wisely; he’s respecting the process and taking his time in making a decision he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life. I’m more impressed with him for the time to fully consider his options, and I only hope his feelings for IU hold up when compared against his other suitors.

    BTW- he’s not just a phenom, he’s a pretty smart cookie who wants to major in journalism & reads a lot. The nonsensical comments about his family & his judgment probably don’t help our cause. Just sayin’

  8. Again, if his family is so thin-skinned over message board comments, please go somewhere else.

    It’s those parents who whine non-stop about playing time and everything else so the kid ends up transferring anyway and/or is a cancer on the team.

  9. Laffy,

    I love how you complain about IU offering 3-star guards, and then when we adamantly pursue a 5-star top prospect, you find a way to complain.

    Why do you waste your time on these threads if you so vehemently despise our recruiting techniques?

    I’m pretty sure everyone here is aware of your opinion. Come back with a new thought, or just don’t bother. You’re by far the most annoying person that posts on this blog.

  10. This guys only intention is to get under your skin. Just ignore the comments and like most situations they will just go away…..

  11. I have watched him play and he is good but we have 2 kids in Rivers and Hull who will have a year under their belts at the point
    and they will be good. He would have to beat them out to start. Duke and Kentucky have no one that he could not beat out to start,
    so my fear is they will tell him he is a sure thing and here he will
    have earn it. That makes it more difficult for him to be one and done if that is what he wants. Hopefully the kid wants to get a good education and play ball more than 1 year for IU!
    Laffy, I still say u sound like a Purdue grad and fan. IU grads
    are much smarter.

  12. Though I’m reluctant to get into it any more with Laffy, I do have to agree with Casey’s comment.

    Laffy, if we recruit players you don’t think are good enough to be at Indiana, you gripe. Then the entire staff puts their all into getting an acknowledged blue chipper, and you’re still not happy.

    Do you ever like anything? Is anything a positive in your mind? When you see puppies, do you think of death and decay?? What’s the deal, man???

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