Learfield working on deal with XM/Sirius

During our chat earlier today, we received the following question from Joni in Ft. Wayne:

Could you please find out from Fred Glass or whomever why the big ten games are not being broadcast on sirius xm this year.  I heard there is a special contract with Ohio St and Michigan games, but we are very disappointed in not being able to listen to the iu games.  thanks

We’ve done some investigating since the morning. Apparently XM/Sirius were unable to come to an agreement with the Big Ten to broadcast all of the games. So it is now negotiating with individual schools. Which means in IU’s case, it is working with Learfield. We haven’t been able to reach anyone there to find out about the status of those talks. We’ll keep trying.

IU athletics spokesman J.D. Campbell said the university is hopeful for a resolution soon so that satellite radio users can once again listen to the Hoosiers.